DNC, President Trump, Republicans discussed on Howie Carr


The far left they prove that throughout the primary they prove that once we got into the general they proved it with the trump dossier that they handed off to the dnc to hillary and they continue to prove it throughout this year i'll give you an example though of what i really mean take this tax first of all my opposition to what the president just signed into law is that they called reform that's part of it that's not reform that's a targeted tax cuts and a smart one but it's not permanent in its sunsets that's number one number two it's not reform and simplification and immoral in principle and constitutionally it's just as flawed is what we've had it still the government assuming it's their money and not yours who earned it and that they better know how to spend it the new and they will decide who gets cuts in who gets increases will pick the winners and losers in principle it's just as flawed so in principle of course i would say i was against it because it's a not reform be it's not permanent and see constitutionally morally and principally it's no different i don't blame the president i blame republicans in control of the house of the people and the united states senate the club with the filthy one hundred so as republicans and members of congress they should have considered real reform they had a president in the white house that would have signed it they had control of the senate and the house but not take it from a trump perspective it was brilliant all donald trump promised and all the desperately needed to be immediately delivered were massive corporate tax cuts while you know only in america america's really messed up mainly because it thinks it knows everything based on what a leftist teacher or a.

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