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Grinder has had such a societal impact that it actually effected the hetero world in that terror sure is grinder yes for sure and tinder is straight grander is straight grinder now and it was like when they gays were using grinder it's like oh no that's crazy now it's like the i was watching you watch insecure and hbo i have not seen a watch the show instincts 300 or okay amazing it's basically like the la urban version of girls so it's a completely self absorbed group of people they just happened to be africanamerican living in inglewood where i used to go play poker at hollywood park so it's kind of interesting references but they're they have a hookup culture and with young kids the disconnected the concept of sex from relationship which i think is directly out of the mail gay possibly there's this the gateway handshake which is how do you meet some one gove sex with them right with his with this is and that was that with a sort of addressing the show is like people are very much like we could have sex and then decide if we can have a relationship or not he kinda disconnected at which is suffer everyone is not for everybody it's it's don't they dutch let people leave a people and as long as they're not hurting other people it's fine yeah that's what i think all right listen let's recap here as we will as we wind up jason goldberg is staying very balanced try and staying healthy and he is indefatigable and always has been he sees a huge opportunity with simple token i do not disagree with you i would be very interested in in hearing more about it i think it's through.

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