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The primary detour route the only other issue right now construction right lane interludes leaving Dundalk on the key bridge going over toward general Kelly I'm Chuck could occur with traffic and weather on the threes on talk radio six eighty WCBS mixed clouds and sunshine here today and a little warmer scattered showers and storms expected later on this afternoon into this evening upper eighties this afternoon upper sixties tonight more the same tomorrow mix of clouds and sun late day showers and storms with a high near ninety I'm here I was just going to and from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty W. C. P. M. and at your current temperatures right now of course going up to a hundred and seventy two in Ellicott city seventy three in middle river and a couple of Nexstar winning Maryland lottery numbers have you still not refinance your mortgage will soon you might be kicking yourself in the head rates are at historic lows at the same time home values gone up roughly fifty percent in the last several years maybe it's time to put that equity to work by paying off high rate credit cards personal loans or remodel your house hi I'm Wesley Hogan with Westland financial let us put you in a position to do any of these things with no closing costs that's right nothing's rolled in your loan whether it's conventional FHA or VA will pay your title settlement lender and recording fees maybe you just want to lock in a lower rate a refinance out of paying mortgage insurance all it takes a five minute phone call to see how we can save you thousands of dollars a year so call us on it eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine it's the biggest no brainer and history mankind call us at eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine that's eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine one excellent mortgage corporation DBA will something actual and MLS number three three zero four not all of the bloody closing under and you want to put three number last night eight six six that's eight six six the winning pick four seven zero two zero seven zero two zero parable of the thirty three million of the jackpot mega millions thirty five million both of drawings later this week and they don't five Europe today on the morning drive with Casey and Alie the WCB in the studios are sponsored by a safe retirement solution call rod Beroe today for that solution for ten to six six eleven twenty informed on the markets and what affects your money with the fox business reports throughout the day on talk radio six eighty WCBS you're listening to the morning drive with Casey and Elliot on talk radio six eighty WCBS do you want to or do you want as Americans we ought to come up with legislation that if you burn the American flag you go to jail for one year one year as president I will always support the incredible men and women of law enforcement the president also Rowling which the media has I am the gleefully fill the arena he got over six thousand maybe a lot of money ten thousand you had me in a gathering indoors during a pandemic in which their lives and safety were threatened by black lives matter by antifa etcetera and we've seen what Joe Biden draws and it is in March the person was in rare form as well really two hours on Saturday night and he did that talk about again and I think you're seeing what's happening here is governor running on fixing the economy again he didn't want to you can do it again and law and order.

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