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Yeah you're a destination i'm yeah i'm a destination but yeah it's it's been it's been really fascinating and again the reason why like wanna show this stuff is you know i think it is important in we were talking before this you know this is probably the hardest thing you can do in the industry because you have to have a substantial amount of investment yes i mean i could probably have done this for twenty thousand bucks i could have done it a lot cheaper had half the equipment and all that stuff but in this area i've also discovered from talking with people is that they want to pay more and we talked about this and it's perceived value it is proceeds value and some of the folks like that's all you charge i don't know because i live in an area where like the average house values like over one and a half million dollars totally well i think this goes back to a conversation that we had maybe a month or two ago when we're talking about we were talking about pricing right and and founders rates and things like that and i said you know i think it's important to look at the market and say that there's not one right answer right you have to test your market you have to test what the market's going to bare but when you look at trends and we look at and this is stuff that i learned my business coaches rick mayo with alloy frank nash who's been on the show he's amazing i go to the nf events you know constantly hear the same things over and over again so it takes a while to set in or what you're willing to take action on it's a hundred percent right it does even after you guys multiple people have been told me things to do unlike i don't need to like come on.

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