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I was born in sixty four i must have been two maybe three in this so i don't know what here's let's prime man's and we were renting jason spawn spahn ranch jason as a kid yeah and if you ever talked to bryan cranston he'll tell you about he grew up in the valley too about like riding a horse through there you know this is wide open air i i went to spawn ranch of course because i do my research i've been working on this book for nearly two years from start to finish and i went to spawn ranch and now you kinda covered in poison idea lot a lot of parts of it but it's very idyllic i mean it's beautiful i was there in the spring the birds are doing their tweet thing and lancer doing their plan thing and it's green it's gorgeous to get to the place where charles manson strummed his guitar and and you know and the women were just swooning over him and you he's pictures of them all in the rock you know these fancy all these these pictures with him and the women sort of gathered around him you have to go down through the canyon a little bit you might have done that as a child and you really do have to go through poison ivy which i did thank goodness i was wearing long pants and i sat on the rock where he sat and were some of these pictures are taken and i'm telling you because the camera guys want to sit there for this video that we're taking and they said well how's it feel sitting there now this is forty nine years later it'll be forty nine years exactly in august so i mean come on there's nobody actually there from the time obviously and i'm telling you when i said to the guys i said it feels creepy isn't it does how so i just on the spahn ranch i'll show you the picture may sitting in the pedal car in the background upper right that is basically that spahn ranch.

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