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Four four four eighty four eighty four again, some outreach to those of you who might have had youngsters in the woods for the. Special youth season in Kentucky, which of course, was this weekend. Talked to several folks that were looking to put the use in position to harvest bird. But would love to hear on the program tonight from those of you who had kids at and can tell us their story. It's always a pleasure to talk to the youngsters all their way above average or something about children that hut that seems to develop good manners. And they're very capable of good thought. Call in earlier this evening that was a great case in point. Squirrels deer. Before he took his first Turkey this weekend. He said it was really top notch. Situation for him. He really really enjoyed it and considered a real trophy, which of course, a while Turkey, really and truly is so. We've been talking to good bit. It had several calls. Seasoning about. Lack of Turkey's in certain areas. And this is a big concern for all of us. They are in somewhat of the decline across. Regions one of the reasons for that. In our Turkey Belgium, who called the grandfather of the flock, George Wright taught me back when we were travelled out of stocking Easter is that Turkey's go through a real boom cycle was introduced to dairies. They. Go through very aggressive and progressive breeding pattern. They produce lots of eggs, the generally enjoy very good nesting success because predators. To recent caller's point haven't really learned to prey upon them yet. They don't understand them during that period is a readily available food source, but as Turkey's became plentiful as generation after generation of of young raccoons from their parents that there's a out there with clutches vague. They're gonna prey upon them. Other predators like coyotes. Learn to go to birds that call on the ground, especially gablers tend to be very vulnerable to because they can sneak it up when the bird goes into strut and terms its tail to they rush in statue before even knows what happened to make better is worse. Now, we have lots about cats. Bob cats, even better than that at that than coyotes because there's no critter to woods that can sneak better than about cat. They are unbelievable. Level predator that understands very well. What Turkey is are. They take him off the roost at night as well. Several cajun's. I've seen feathers at the bottom of of Rouge sites where it's pretty obvious. It was a Bob cat because Bob Catalina Turkey better won't eat bones. And all the way Coyote or other critters do great horned owls believe it or not. Preowned turkeys to extent, but their predation is pretty easily recognized because generally the neck down into the breasts. They don't eat the whole bird. Now. There are cases where perhaps it kills them. Or a Bob cat kills them. But kits. Tara's will bury the remains come back and feed them on it. If a account comes across it. You bet he's going to clean the rest of it up. So some cases is not is easy. You might think that if I what happened, but the telltale things that I'm describing the way to kind of dentist in most cases. Let's go to columnist from Saint Matthews. Yes. You're up. Good evening. Quick question for you. I had a made an inquiry with a couple of hundred recently about recent occurrences in our local news of small animals and even nut so small animals Llamas being discovered that had been attacked and killed. And I asked him the question posited. The uh. Theory that this could be coyotes, and they told they both told me independently. They didn't think so because they said that Coyote habits are that while they will kill something. They don't kill more than they will want to consume. That's correct. If not that would go on some type of killing spree if it was a group of Kyle, which is not uncommon. But in the case of the Llamas. The fact that they weren't prayed opponent eaten number one number two. There appeared to be several animals involved. I agree with the assessment that your friends made because Coutts kill the domestic dogs are feral dogs will kill in a frenzy if there's that type of opportunity in there in that frame of mind if you will so. It's an interesting your signal's fading out a little bit here. I was doing much better with the radio. And I'm I'm I'm getting a little St. signal from your right now. But I got most of what your response was okay. In the case of small animals being killed Kyle coyotes very adept at that eat anything for my house cat to a small some poodle if they're having the find about about where they can prey upon them. Got lots of friends that have lost jobs and our cats to child. So that's not uncommon in areas where com or the couch are prevalent. I see very well. Thank you so much Eric appreciate the call. I'm gonna.

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