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For me, this is my silicon at the free box. Just how it's different. For each and every tree. And Bailey has been quite asking a lot of questions lately about trees having boo boos. A little injuries. And I kind of explained to her about cutting limbs off and what that looks like when it's healed over and so because of that and after reading, finishing that book, the hidden life of trees. I just find myself admiring and just thinking about their stories, these tree stories, quite a lot. I do have something sad in the pathetic way, but also in the really genuine way to tell you about treason a little bit, but don't worry, it's about me. It's not me getting around again about people cutting down trees. Okay. Done us and just check in. Thank you for taking the time to do that. I'm checking in with your body and mind and surroundings. Now, I would love to hear. This is your first together on. You can tell me a little bit about you for your meeting. What would you tell me? I hope I will get to ask. Some of you this in person on Sunday at the Boston Marathon. For our lives together, and. So the rest of us, what would you tell me about you? If this is if you've already done it together and what updates would you give me? Since we last ran together, what would you say? Just give you a few minutes to tell me in your minds. Few more seconds. Okay. Thank you for sharing with me. Hi. I love when you do show with me when you upload to social media. But I can imagine it. And as I said last week in the race, I was envisioning those of you who have sent me pictures. I was envisioning you with me. So thank you. For helping me through that run. We're actually going to believe how far sohan. So you motivated me to feel good. So thank you. Okay. I'm going to tell you mine in a minute, but being cognizant of time, we have about a minute left for the 30 minute group. So I'm just going to give some reminders at the 30 minute mark 30 minute group but we'll come to a walk. We'll give you a minute. And then we will do two strikes, all of us. 30 minute group from a walk. The rest of us will do it from around. And continue running in between. Astride is going to be ten to 15 seconds of about 80% of your max speed. Not supposed to be all out. Not supposed to be taking big steps. I know the word is kind of counterintuitive. You just actually increasing your cadence, taking more steps. To just pick up the pace, shake the rust off your legs a little bit. If you've been running easy, which I hope you have, well, let's just suppose to be running hard. In which case, carry on with your own thing. Those are running easy. Just waking the legs up a bit. Giving you a little pep in your step for the rest of the run, but also helping strides really help with us speed. And they also help you in your races. Elites use them a lot. So I really mean that like multiple times a week. We do strides. Maybe not in the middle of the run. But there's nothing wrong with that either. Okay, so first unit group I'll give you another 30 seconds. And then we'll begin those strides. Do one. How about 30 seconds rest? And then we'll do another. Okay. Yeah, there's nothing I can say in a few in 20 seconds. I'll count down as well. Are you ready? In three, two, and one. And coming to a jog if you're still going to walk. For the 30 minute group, it's just got a bit slower. You can wear before to catch your breath. And then we'll go one more time. And then 30 minute group. I'd love if you could hang around for a few minutes. Just have a few things to tell you updates. Afterwards, but if you can't, I understand. It's going to give you a few more seconds. One more stride and 30 minute you're done. In three, two and one..

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