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Say intense poll yeah we witness sitting down spoils would go to that is the opposite of the frontier thesis roach the americans your your came here you get those mountains the rockies yet to get over them and it changed the whole american outlook dement talents either positively the car let's talk about it this figure it out democracy freedom of the hand on your chest the singing the national anthem is your eyes we live on this rain the little island rural quite angry roggio very angry and we wanna fight we do we want to fight and by the way had we seen the rockies in the old days we would a look been lied to hit them in the face appeared to pay high why don't we just say under the rockies opener maybe twelve eighteen is villanova and then china ever fight that's how we do it yellow leaving english beef believe in english beef and what we're talking about england of course say this day for one thing that they give me chair over the weekend there was a fascist march in the city centre obama who town liverpool that will allow precious march pullover was mortgaga thousands of liverpudlians turned up to chased the fascists our the city to beat them up and they did so successfully day and i love this to the sound of beni hill music warmed tester boy ghetto blaster the played yet taxes the fistfights broke out police are the fascist quickly a town i have rarely felt prouder or more hopeful with dave benny hilmi using the world needs more penny he'll music it's interesting that because you the thought that fascists on the whole the whole show and so it's kind of using their own theme june against them which is also clever about way your book to come out they many health a critical fascist year we'll see everyone was a fascism noting 70s though roads some am i be housework right now roach some housecleaning.

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