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Is not even on birthdays They don't work for everybody. Honey we could be open minded. You know I feel like we try things we have fun. We could do lots of things but you know. I don't like it on like we're not doing it. I'm not only I need to talk about the music because I feel like as an artist you evolved so quickly an especially when you're writing for artists in when you're putting yourself in Ben into a song this new song would toddrick. It's such a Bob. It's here you know the girls are gonNA go crazy forward. How did this all come together? Well after doing the Massingir without one I came home. I was like okay. I'M GONNA put out using this year. I wanted to come up with a plan to do a full project so I went into the studio start. Recording I knew I wanted to do a dance record. Nagy make people move. You know what I'm saying so I talked about it with my engineer. A need to find the right Shrek. You know because you know here stuff in my head. But I can't actually do to beat myself a mighty to make make the beat So we did a couple of his songs. He came with like came up with something. Like what you were talking about. And when I heard I was like this this might be in that started riding in at winning the booth To be very fast the song did and And I listened to it I was like I gotta find somebody good to get on here with me and I thought of one or two people and then Me and my friends about Heidrick like toddrick would kill this because you know he adjusts did not. I was like kill this everybody with that one. Okay right like chugging out. I called him. He was like yeah. Of course I would do it in from there I put him on it. I had Hit Up precious met from the barroom seeing you know what I mean when she's on Instagram. And she's in the whole ballroom world in all of that and she had a song on her instagram page. That she did all the chance. In or whatever regular. I WanNa hear that on my record in so. I asked her to do that and she was down in now. Are going to explode. Honey used to love me out now and I'm telling you bequeaths come out a quarantine. They'RE GONNA be duck walking down the gang crazy when you think about like all the greats in music and how they've survived decade after decade. In how the you think about the great producers have a can really integrate new. Sounds like what is it about this? Edm ballroom sound that you love so much just that idiom sound after like Eating I'm has been taken over for many low key. You know like if you go to the love anywhere in the world you know they're gonNa play those records damage like that. Beat is just GONNA drive..

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