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You have to get the number in there the people that don't understand yeah i know it's tough it's tough in the street so gordon gordon's going one pick after down hopkins in most drafts now we have mitt seven who got to pick ahead if you're if you're staring down those two players are you leaning gordon most often but i didn't listen you melva gordon who hopkins oh yeah i would go melvin gordon i i would go melvin gordon over those other than antonio brown when it is a solid rock solid all star you know top five potential running back versus one of those wide receivers i'm going with the running back right now that's something that i think looking at last year at the inconsistency versus consistency i'm pretty much a first round running back gordon was seventh and fantasy in two thousand sixteen v and twenty seventeen look you you get dirty looks from mike when we talk about melvin gordon oftentimes because of some inefficiencies in his numbers but i am a major major melvin gordon fan this year i have them higher than seven overall and i think he's going to be great this is the thing we were talking before the show about the chargers they were not a good they were a great offense less you a great office i believe they were fourth in the nfl in yards per game something close to that and this is a team that like you know the question marks were there last year they probably should've made the playoffs you had that crazy play i think it was by boyd the got the bills in instead of the chargers this is a great team and he is their workhorse so i love it yeah i i was talking with evan silva another podcast recently we were talking predictions and i had the chargers down i i don't think i actually got this on the but i had them making a super bowl run i think they are legitimately great team and and look if you look at the efficiency metrics of melvin gordon just about any which way you slice it he's been not that great i will grant that because i'm a big melvin gordon supporter he hasn't been that great but they're off it's of line you know they haven't opened up great holes for him he has been breaking tackles and and you know really doing quality work as as a running back obviously that's how we finish that way the second half last season he broke twenty four tackles which was tied for most in the nfl so while you say oh he's inefficient that doesn't mean he's a bad running back he's a very good running back and he gets so much work there's no one on that team that's really gonna come in and say hey i'm taking over sorry austin cler yeah no no doubt about it let's move on number say zeki elliott and number six he's on may consider that a travesty in which direction in the direction that we haven't low oh okay got we haven't at six the average oppositions four overall right now he was harby ten and he played ten games yeah he's he by that logic he'll be the rb sixteen this year if you assume he could play sixteen maybe only one game in oh number one running back that'll be a nice week he was the second best running back in twenty sixteen last year like i said number ten despite ten games played i think that people might be surprised that we have you know we have alvin kamara at five i'll just bring it up i don't i know you don't i mean this is my i wouldn't tire i would never take alvin kamara over as equal elliot not even a full p p r league because zeki elliott is he's believably great running back behind a still great offense of line and yeah they're going to stack the box but i don't think it's going to matter i mean leonard for net last year going into the season that was a point that was a good team and brooks what's the what's your win total for the cowboys this year brooks is the red trooper six six wins you we saw this many times you can't run the ball the way you wanna run the ball if you're losing and i'm not saying dallas is going down.

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