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Right each writer than you on CBS sports radio. Welcome back into the show. That's not a terrible carry. But I have I have subtracted from the sum of all human joy wisdom invitations on this show, including a very carrying. Well, I like to give the trace a hard time for what happened last week the culmination of a trivia question. We're begging him to come up with Cam Newton features my own pretty awful radio moment. His name. I'm going to go here here can you ride back. Hi, Harry Carey his name backwards is I can't do Harry MAC. Not when. His name backwards is MAC, not what? Now when I'm not gonna make. I'm not gonna trace me live. That's because that was about how bad I was. And somebody wants to give me a hard time. And I deserve it at eight five five two one two four CBS, Dan in Boise. What is buddy you're on CBS sports radio? Hey, bill. I wanna thank you for company me on the way home. I drive a hundred miles to work a couple of days a week. And so on my two hour drive home. It's it's a good show to listen to first time caller. Thanks, brother. Thank you. I have Harry Carey here with me though. You'd like to say a few words, if you don't mind, no area. On. Someone over. Well. Harry. Hi, what the deal? The. I just don't feel like he's getting it done airy. I don't. Either. I it's kind of a kind of a binding. Harry. What's what's the solution? How he fixes Harry. Well, I don't know. It's. Thank you for. Oh, I was terrible. That's all I got. Oh, really good, Harry. Carey right. That was a may he sold it to like, hey, come over. You got hear Harry? That's that's the only thing I can do. That's a great. I'm gonna budget again five you're nor if you're hot dog in your starring. It's a simple question. I cover myself in relishing guys have talked about were you Chevy doesn't the break. All right. Eight five to one two CBS is the.

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