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Soft edge were great companies find lasting success a book about values in addition to his recent book he's a naked economic for a market forecaster entrepreneur angel investor and board director and is the founder of silicon valley's Primera business in tech form the Churchill club and he is as keynote speaker highly sought after to global one thousand companies. as a top book reviewer I received a copy of this new book which is new bark late bloomers side in the spring just before was published and as some of you know I've been working with people in transition through my church since two thousand and one in this book really resonated with me I immediately reached out to rich to ask him if he would serve as a gas matter and he responded within ten minutes and said he'd love to this is really important topic I should say topics as it touches on two important themes pressure on kids to over achieve and the perception of failure by those over thirty who haven't reached levels that you see on the cover of a magazine. so let's get started and welcome rich thanks for joining us today in the studio I'm delighted to be here Tom. so what are you actually doing today what is I mean I know you're the the publisher but what other things have you got going I gave some less but worse your time being spent. yeah to be fair now that I'm in my sixties my careers publisher Forbes's entered what I would call it's emeritus phase I do a lot of our conferences are in the M. C. of our annual global CEO conference I do a lot of speeches it forms a Vance and I'm the lucky son of a gun who gets the host Forbes investor cruises on crystal cruise ships but I also write books a consult with a couple companies and have a have a rich and fulfilling life right now. and. this work there was a catalyst something happened in Palo alto tell us what happened and how that inspired you to write this book can actually do a lot of researchers if this was an off the top of your head you did quite a bit of research. well number one is that I've always regarded myself as a late bloomer and we can go into the details of that if you wish really some pretty pathetic lack of achievement all throughout my mid twenties to late twenties. but. I feel that I was very fortunate that I that all happened during an agent it was easier to make a recovery we didn't have social media we didn't have the pressures that we put on kids today and so although in my mid twenties I was not capable of holding any kind of a serious job other than security guard dishwasher nothing wrong with those jobs that if you've got a college degree at a good university you should be able to do better than that but I wasn't able to and finally began to blossom in my late twenties. I always wondered if that would be a valuable story to share with people as embarrassing as it was particularly some of the low points and I kind of put that aside knit periodically would pop up in my brain but living in Palo alto California fairly said to be the epicenter of Silicon Valley a neighbor of of of the elite Stanford University high pressure environment is is high pressures they come in the United States the word was getting out first in the local media and then the national media that there is an epidemic of anxiety depression and tragically enough suicides at Palo alto's three high schools in fact a writer named Hannah Rosen for land it monthly wrote a cover story in August twenty fifteen called the Silicon Valley suicides there were six of them three eight one high school to another and and and wanted a private girls school. and that was just tip of the iceberg because beneath that there were more than forty hospitalizations for what is called suicide ideation that is kids who were actively talking either on social media or with people that they were thinking about doing that too. and those numbers were accumulated by March of the school year so if you extrapolate toward the middle of June you probably wind up with something like sixty. hospitalizations and I thought what what is going on here we're living in one of the most dynamic economies micro condom use in the whole world Silicon Valley and affluence galore these kids have so much to look forward to you talk about privilege kids kids who go to Palo alto license are privileged kids. and yet there was this level of despair and so I really dove in to figure out why and was really quite shocked to find though it was certainly in the wind around where I live was shocked to find the level to which these kids feel subjected by the pressures of getting straight a is an advanced placement courses and getting into the most elite universities in the world and if they fail to do that somehow they feel like they're losers. and I it's interesting this morning on the radio I heard that the anxiety and depression with teenagers is up sixty percent just over the last few years so this is a national problem not just Palo alto and even an international problems I talked to the the person is going to be the next prime minister of Singapore and he used to be the is now the finance minister used to be the education minister and he said the same thing exists in Singapore same thing exists in Hong Kong London you go all around the world and wherever you have these economic super cities you have attended without these super pressures that aspirational parents and the and the school systems putting on these kids. and what do you think the root cause of all of this this time I think it has to do with the economy if you look at the two most lucrative parts of the American economy our last ten years they would be Silicon Valley kinds of high tech and Wall Street kinds of high finance both of those industries are are very biased quite frankly the screen very heavily for for young people who went to maybe one of ten universities schools like Stanford MIT Harvard Business School and and they both are in love with what you might call rapid algorithmic giftedness that turns out to be correlated you know with a good being a good software programmer good high frequency trader and the SAT really gets to that rapid algorithmic giftedness. we're gonna come back in at after breaking talks more about the children of parents and then a late bloomer we'll be right back with rich Kharghar the publisher and comma publisher emeritus.

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