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Flirting with him and making, passes, at, house Oh my gosh yeah You still you still have people with with, that type of, mentality which, I think you know it's going to take. Some time to change big people take. Care of little people thank you so much. For bringing that. Quote That. Is always use that please I appreciate that Oh there's some also were to ask about this, as. Pertains to the The cruise the cruiserweight not marked hey we're trying to. Get that going and I've, settled, down about the Laguna coastal commission thing it was more about the My train of thought well we can. Continue the conversation about you know the metoo movement if that's, what I wanted to talk about something, specific, my brain just completely shut. Off. To an unfortunately I think we have Mark eight. Here in, just a second but it really was more about the oh I know. What it was, okay this, was a Bill Bill Clinton's. Response, to me, that was I was, so, stunned into that surprise did that. It was shocking shots so tone deaf these still he's. Still doing this me yeah I, would not be surprised yeah horse yeah and the. Fact that guys from that era can not just defend that, behavior but sort of its Weinstein did, the, same thing hey man has. Raised. The seventies just what we did just how it's. Done that's, how we do in credulity in in their voice when you sort of. Address it to, them to, me is on the verge. Of I don't know what he's too strong word but tone deaf it was I didn't get it because he wouldn't have said it if he thought it would be deep, deep, deep problematic, deeply, offensive, switchgears. Let's talk to attorney. Mark Tate is gonna. Tell us about this couple of was kicked off a Holland. America cruise, Mark weapons program. Hey, thank you very much. How are you? Good. So what happened here. Sort of a crazy story that's getting reported but a. Couple from San Francisco booked their dream cruise on the Holland American, line and, apparently was identified, by crew as being part of. A tussle. On board and the captain removed them from the cruise and sent them home from Helsinki I, you, know I, was, I, was. On this very crews. This the Baltic cruise. That they haunt America it's fantastic crews were they sure when they got, in this fight. You, know apparently Dr drew. Apparently you were? Willing. Up behaved I get Remember identified the husband in this family as being involved in a tussle in which one of the crew required medical assistance. And they said that this man, he's not wanting to be identified, but it's MRs Chan's husband and they the crew member identified him and said that he got pushed and the captain as is his right, remove them from the cruise. And this was this at on shore that this. They were, trying to leave the, show so my question to, you I'm gonna, put my attorney hat on is what are the damages let's. Say all of this happened they were wrongfully. Kicked off of the cruise what are you suing for I don't. Think there's a lawsuit that any lawyer of any merit would file the contract between you know the cruisers and the company, defines all of their rights and you know in particular section four a red in some detail the crew's contract and it. Says that the carrier may without, liability or refund remove you and, disembark you from the cruise they can confine you in a state room that can quarantine you they can restrain you and they can do. It at any time if, in the sole opinion of the captain Europe problem Yeah I kind of like that myself Somebody's flying a ship cruise ship I I feel vulnerable as a passenger and. I, would like the captain to have To have that discretion but. Something, leads me, to believe though that they they are going. To file a lawsuit if they haven't. Done saw ready, well you know their lawsuit, would be, governed by maritime law the laws of the state of. Washington, and you know since none of. Them, died you know the death on the high seas act doesn't apply this yes Emotionally damaged that they had you. Know they anticipated being, on this, cruise it, was their dream vacation and they were humiliated and they were kicked off and they were wrongfully kicked off and that's the way they're attorney's gonna phrase it, well Martin enough money there no I think you're right exactly right on Ana heat you're right but I just don't think that there's enough money involved to get I can tell you you know my job my practice is we file lawsuits, and try cases for, people who? Are badly injured and we represent a lot of. Counties and cities in the opiate litigation and there's, one thing that we have to be. Able to do as a lawyer. Working, on a, contingent fee and you have to be able. To invest your time and your money, and get a, recovery that justifies your involvement, Mark here, my appreciated house Mark what's your what's your website law. 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