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For the jets Greg Gumbel drink green the call on CBS Arnold happy to break out early in the second quarter and also in my way the goal line and I just do what I could to get the ends on was fun out there just be able to run one in like that because you know it doesn't happen very often Brian Poole returned interception fifteen yards for gangrene final scores the jets defense did its part rattling Derek Carr who threw for just a hundred twenty seven yards with the pick six before he was pulled for Mike Glennon late in the third on the flip side it was another miserable Sunday for the giants they attempted to rally down the stretch after their offense struggled all day long Daniel Jones threw a twenty three yard touchdown pass to golden Tate on a fourth eighteen with about four minutes to go over the giants third over on downs late before falling the bears in Chicago nineteen fourteen close but no cigar says giants head coach Pat Shurmur move the ball and got ourselves in the Reds are you know the high rise on area that we missed a couple field goals you know in a in the tight game no I wasn't they're good on defense and then obviously at the end there we did a good job again in two minutes the importance of scoring drive together so we had one scoring drive in the first half of one of the second that's not good enough the giants have now dropped seven straight for a dismal two and nine record in the NBA tonight losers of two straight three of for the Knicks are hosting the debts of the gardens Brooklyn shoots for a third straight win right now there's about seven and a half minutes to go in the second quarter and the next lead the nets thirty three thirty two baseball today the Braves signed former Mets catcher Travis d'arnaud to a two year deal worth sixteen million a local college basketball Saint John's beat UMass seventy eight sixty three Yukon over Miami eighty fifty five and twelve bring Texas Tech blowout ally you ninety six to sixty six sports of fifteen and forty five around the clock Eric Hurst with ten ten wins four wins news time six forty seven a couple weeks ago I visited Kathleen auto who's leading the charge in growing biotech and scientific research companies at the Brooklyn army terminal there is no question that New York City is competing with the rest of the metropolitan.

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