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An interesting side note on. This is the depth chart came out. We're gonna talk about that In the second half of the show or and talk about the depth chart. We're talk about t. j. watt a little bit. the depth. chart doesn't listen nickelback. It did in the previous version. Antoine brooks was nickelback. Arthur rolette was behind him. The most recent depth chart the steelers came out with an. It's an official depth. Start from the steelers. There is no listing for a nickelback and arthur isn't even on the depth chart it's like. They removed antoine realized. That was the only one on there. Looked at again. We don't know who the nickel is. This just got the position off the depth chart and didn't add. You know one of the players back on did not back on. He's nowhere on the depth chart. So i actually. I should say he wasn't on the initial depth chart. When they did that he's been added back he is. He's a backup cornerback. He starts drink So cancel that. I had this written out and i did that and i realized just now. I'm looking off my script grief when he is martin melendez. The back is a third string quarterback listed behind james pierre Keller witherspoon is listed behind justin lane and there is no nickel position listed on the depth chart. We have no clue who is going to play the nickel this season for the pittsburgh steelers. We just don't know and it looks like the steelers may not know either. Either that i honestly. I think they're going to still be trying out. People are going to be doing tryouts week one We're going to see people. They mess up. Someone else is going to get a chance which you know until someone locks the position. Maybe what they have to do. Go with matchups go with different situations if someone comes in and struggles take them out. Put someone else in until someone takes. The position makes it. There's is going to be really interesting to see how the secondary plays out. Yeah hopefully it's good anyways. That's for the first half of our show. We'll be back in just a minute. After a commercial break without of seen coworkers outside of boxes is very exciting. But if.

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