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Founded by earnestly recently published what he calls the Magna Carta for the web contradicts about different parties coming together from different angles a calls on governments companies and individuals like you and me to back this contract and by doing so promised protect the rights of people on the internet and help to create a better web. We've got various principles which we feel. It's an ambitious goal. But if successful burners Lee believes it will help. The people hold the powerful that is governments and big tech to account which he believes is something we urgently need, and he's not the only one. At the end of Tober 2018, thousands of internet lovers and probably a few skeptics descended on London for the annual Mozilla festival almost fest. There were all additions games and panel discussions all aiming to generate ideas for a healthier internet. But is this achievable can we really convince those in control of strict regimes to allow their citizens freedom of the internet. I don't think any government or any political sphere would want to limit their citizens access to information if they had nothing to hide, and I think there are some things that the government would like to hide, and I think the most pressing thing right now is related to corruption money and Konami. And even if we succeeded even if every government and tech firm jumped on board and made it their mission to save the online world, can we ever convince those who have become disillusioned with the internet to trust it again. How do we teach everyone online to understand how they can use the internet and how it can use them this such a wealth of data just about you out? There are ready. And if you hear every few months about scandal that data has been hacked, I feel like it really discouraged you to even care about this topic. I'm Jordan Erika Weber and this week. We look at how to start this web revolution. This is tips with everything. Today, the US is unleashing a series of punitive measures on Iran hitting its financial sector. And of course, it's oil exports is Iran is suffering right now, a new set of sanctions imposed by the Trump administration earlier this week looks set to make that already dire economic situation even worse. So I was actually born in Canada to Iranian parents. But I grew up going back and forth between Iran Belgium, Taiwan and Canada, Masa ulema Donny is an internet researcher at Oxford internet institute, focusing on freedom of expression and access information online in Iran. She'll say works with the British human rights organization article nineteen she was at most best to speak on a panel about data in oppressive regimes I work with my name. And I'm pretty public about the things that I do. And so I'm I don't hold back and being. In critical of Iran and its policies in laws. And I think that means I've limited my ability to actually go back to your own see my family because I've made that choice because that space for freedom of expression, doesn't really exist there. My producer Danielle recently sat down with Masa in our London studio, though, she has chosen not to go back to a Ron due in part to a string of security threats. We were interested to hear more about what life is like there. Well life is pretty ordinary. If you aren't engaging in political activism, and you're not really coming up against the difference rights issues that exists there. But in terms of communication, the things I've always noticed when I had gone back to your on which I have now stopped doing for security reasons is finding the best VPN in finding the best circumvention tool. That's trending in finding ways a sneaky ways to get them. Because obviously the app store for iphone. Is blocked. And so always these challenges on hurdles to finding access to a open internet. These days when citizens want to protest they turned to the internet and social media to organize. In iran. It isn't that easy access to the internet is strictly regimented. And.

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