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Quick stop fill all your tanks at quickstart after the pounding rain overnight we begin to dry out this afternoon still seeing some widely scattered showers in santa clara county in parts of the peninsula also it looks like the livermore hayward a area is getting pounded by rain this hour of each anticipate this afternoon is going to be cloudy tomorrow but that that's going to go away toward the end of the work week will bring in some sunshine and we'll be warmer than average by the time the weekend arrives oh good morning thrown away unscathed geo let's talk to nadal ten thirty a because the 1030 i wanna listen bill martin albion actually he was going to be the studio he's actually gonna do by phone because there's a little bit of a weather problem i know if you notice that or not we'll talk about that but i want to lead off with yeah and i and i do and i don't want to lead off with oprah because that is the one thing everybody keeps talking about i thought it was like a oneshot deal or whatever but when you get a comment like he did from william kristol you know bill crystal he he's the guy that billy crystal bill crystal he is the guy who is the editor of the weekly standard and that's a very conservative magazine okay i am not making love his here's what it says in the standard right now oprah sounds i was ameliorate she on the other young had to make it sure all right the quote from bill crystal oprah winfrey sounds like see night why is this not here oh i see because this crossed at any way she knows more about economics than bernie sanders elizabeth warren she is better than she is she less touchy feeling than joe biden she's more pleasant that andrew cuomo and more charismatic than john hickenlooper hickenlooper as the governor i think he's he's gathering of of colorado but when when you get praise like that from william kristol at makes scratch your head and wonder i mean maybe weeks asta yesterday i just bring it up in case there people who have some new comments or something else to say about it it's it's the issue that doesn't go away and i.

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