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So it became guilt by association if you played if you've got bigger if you hit a home run opposite field if you hit one thirty rows deep you must be using. But baseball created this. You know, they fought the the Commissioner on testing, and what kind of testing, and unfortunately, you had innocent people who were swept up in this. I don't think Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds innocent. I think you look at Clemens when he was in Boston, and they let him go. They let him go for a reason he was on the decline goes to Toronto. And all of a sudden he's found the fountain of youth and also his trainer. Why would his trainer make that up? Wouldn't you go the other way you would protect Clemens? And you know, I believe that the trainer said what he said, you know, you can say, you know, was the slimy because he collected evidence you can say a lot of different things about his trainer. But I don't think he lied about helping Roger with PD's because Roger went to Toronto. He was a completely different pitch came to the Yankees completely different than he was in Boston size-wise completely different bonds. He was you know, built like olive oil. And then all of a sudden, look like Popeye. And what he was doing how he was doing it. He was doing it at you know, on godly rate, a freakish rape. So I would ask Mitch Williams that Mitch? If I put you under oath and ask you if you think Clements, use steroids Moba say, and the voters have to sort through this in a hopefully, we get past this and see Mitch if you want to call into the program and love to hear from but. Sammy Sosa never tested positive. What what was Sammy's vote total? He got about seven and a half percent. But why you never chest oppose. We're going to, you know, Raphael Palmeiro tested positive the end of his career. Like if we're going to give bonds credit? Well, you know, he was he was a hall of Famer before he started using Rafy. He tested positive at the end of his career. So do we assume that he wasn't using before? No. He was using before do you? Find it weird that bonds and Clemens votes. Go up every year when does cheating, not bother you. How many years to someone someone's cheating in sport cease to bother you? Or is it a younger generation is voting and they weren't personally burned by those guys watching that. I think a younger generation was entertained by these guys on steroids, and they don't have a problem. Whereas I I always think about Hank Aaron whenever I think about bonds being the all time home run champ. I always think about Hank. Aaron my thoughts always come back to him in ever changed in size. You know, he wasn't hitting tape measure shots. He was just the ideal ball player. Did what he had to do for a long period of time and bonds comes along and all of a sudden gets artificially inflated and becomes the all time home run chip. And I feel bad for Hank. Aaron not that he needs my sympathy. But Hank Aaron did it the right way. And Barry Bonds did not see this is all this trend is shaping up. So interesting to for a rod and Alex Rodriguez comes up he's going to be. I mean, he might end up being the first one led in well, Alex. You're you could be right seating. Alex's been on this goodwill tour, that's what's going on. Now that's been happening friends with the media part of the media Sunday night baseball. You know, Dayton jaylo. He just he seems like a completely different guy than the guy was trying to bring down major league baseball at the end of his career. And I do think that he thinks the goodwill this goodwill tour that he's on is going to get him into the hall of fame..

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