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My son, Michael, who's on staff here at Arkansas was on staff at Nevada. Gus original, Hayes Meyers, Anthony root of those guys were all at Nevada. And we all of us talk about how we put so much pressure on ourselves, being a top ten ranked team that we never enjoyed the wins enough. We would win by 12 points. And I would be frustrated. And so we changed our philosophy. We want our student athletes to really embrace the challenge going into every game, except the preparation, except the fact that you're playing in front of a sold out building on national TV every night. So you have an obligation to play with great intensity, but you've also got to really, really enjoy the process. So today, we had a great hour and a half practice really focused, but also with a lot of joy too. I've really loved reading about Steve Kerr and what he's done with the Golden State Warriors throughout their championship runs and how he wants his teams to come and enjoy coming to practice. And we've tried to embrace that philosophy as well. That is such a good lesson not only in sports, but in life. I think too often we get so consumed with whatever we're doing next. Coach, what a pleasure to have you on after these huge wins. We look forward to continuing the conversation and hope to see you at the tournament next week in Florida. Thanks, Paul. You know the good thing is when your sports information director says, hey, you know, Paul would like to have you on. That's a good thing because if you're not winning, we're probably not getting an opportunity to talk so often. So we're going to hold our end of the bargain up and try to keep winning. Thanks, Paul. Thank you, coach. We hope to keep talking to you every one of these Mondays until the final one of the season. Good to be with you and you take care of yourself. Coach Eric musselman, what a joy. I know you're supposed to be nonpartisan here, but it's hard to be nonpartisan when it comes to a talking to that guy. We'll take a short break, update you on the art brow situation in grambling. Some breaking news on that. RJ will join us again. He joined us an hour ago. We think we think Richard Johnson may have killed our brows career out there with his comments here tonight. You were listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. So this tweet here from the statement from our brows, unfortunately, I feel that my continued presence will be a distraction to you and your team, which is the last thing I want. I have the utmost respect for the university, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, it's over. It didn't last very long. Nobody understands why it happened. Certain people out there are blaming cancel culture. It is interesting though, that Richard Johnson was with us from SI and TO about an hour ago. We put out his tweet pretty much unloading on an art browse and next thing you know, art browsers out. I'm not saying Richard Johnson got art brows fired, but do the math. Richard, you're back with us. Good afternoon. Of course, I'm joking. You give me too much credit. You were the last one to put the knife in though. I will say that. So what do you think happened? I am not sure, I am not sure if this is something that came down from on high. I'm not sure if this is something that's university side people got together and said enough is enough. Or what happened here, I have it from one source that this is art sort of stepping up and resigning, but that is only one source. I don't know if there were other external pressures inside grambling that sort of said, hey, look, enough is enough and maybe came to hue or came to art and said, we've got to do something here. I think for me, looking back that on Friday, when Doug Williams released that statement that basically said, I'm done with grambling. I can't support the school as long as he's on sapp. All this type of stuff. That's when I think it jumped the shark into being untenable for them to do this. And so our brows resigns and so I guess he was offensive coordinator for all of what 72 hours, something like that of grambling state. It is just, this is I'm not gonna use the word unenforced error because this is a forced error. This is a conscious decision by multiple people in power at grambling state university to let this higher go through. And it doesn't matter the fact that four days later, three days later, he's resigning and it's all over. At the end of the day, they let it happen in the first place. And that's something that can't be forgotten. And I think ESPN Stan Murphy, who spoke to the executive director of Hugh Jackson's foundation, who released that letter on Friday that basically said they're forgiving him and all this kind of stuff. And Dan, Dan tweeted, and I quote, the failure wasn't coach browse sweeping things under the rug. I never said coach browse was guilty of something and had to be forgiven. That is the executive director of huge accents foundation..

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