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Public service. Announcement I if it looks like a hand grenade in it feels like a hand. Grenade it might Handgrenade This out in the UK to men diced with death at, dice not dance diced when they started playing catch with a live hand grenade that they assumed was a. Fake, yeah I would think so. Too I've seen grenades without anything in. Them it's just a piece of. Lead, James Oliver. Twenty four runs his own waste removal business and they found a World War Two weapon as he was clearing a house as a. Laugh he chucked it at his workmate Connor mayor twenty two who caught it And threw it back Yeah what else would you do an enjoyable, game of catch ensued but it was only later that they learned the grenade was live in a bomb disposal expert had to come and blow it up So, the he found many things while working including guns but he's never seen a grenade before quote ready here it is the quote quote We. Didn't think it was, real We were. Driving around with it all day. We threw it. At each other a few times it was only then when James showed the grenade to a friend who is an honorary police officer in the area that. Alarm bells began to ring, ring I jokingly said to him I might. Have a grenade in the van you didn't think I was being real. At first when he saw it He put out cones around the van called the police bomb disposal officer who was a bit of a shock when I realized it was. Real the bomb disposal officers, said we had done the right thing to. Call but taking it on an island tour was not a great idea The front seat of the van it was in good condition Could I got taped, up to make it secure I removed it to another location put a small charge. On it and destroyed it So they've been? In touch with the owners of. The house to inform them about what they discovered Didn't know anything about it they think someone put it in there First of all I would like to know How one can get a grenade. Who wouldn't want a grenade It's a grenade You, pull the pin Throw. It it. Goes boom it's everything. A guy would want Yeah Women don't get. It I would love to play with who wouldn't want to play with her live. Grenade I, mean actually pull the pin and throw. It See how long it. Takes goes so when I think grenade I think the good old fashioned you know. What I, think they called it a pineapple grenade It's basically perforated? With with slices up and down and across And those things. Become shrapnel the idea of a. Grenade is you throw it it throws shrapnel in every direction Hopefully killing the people. You're trying to kill that's why That's why they. Have it Then later I think they developed a grenade that. Looks more like a baseball it's smooth on the outside and has some weird thing that sticks. Out that has the pin If I understand the mechanics of it which I might not understand perfectly It's basically A long fuse in that you pull, the pin Which you can put back in by the way but if, you pull the pin and then release the handle which is spring loaded it It makes, a spark which lights a fuse the fuse takes x.. Amount of time I don't know how long it is before it hits the explosive which I imagining is what c. four. Or something inside and since it's contained inside it just blows, up every direction throwing, shrapnel Pretty pretty. Nasty stuff That's why in war when you jump on, one of these you you get. A medal of honor when you jump on her grenade you get you get a medal of honor You don't survive but. You get a medal. Of honor so it's always a good way, to good way to do that. You've had an experience with these I'd love to know how they really work I. Imagine there are different types of, grenades for different, types of jobs I think of the. Old pineapple grenade World War Two grenade you drop them down the. Foxhole jump on top of the. Nazi tank you open it up and you And you drop a grenade down there and hope. They don't throw it back out And then what was it the German grenades that look like little batons Throw it in big huge thing Guys like things, that go bang it's. Just it's it's in our nature I'm surprised these guys didn't, pull the pin if, in fact It was there it could have been a completely inert Grenade I mean the. Bomb? Squad Cup bomb squads loved to blow. Things up why because mostly guys work on bomb. Squads they don't want to defuse something It's easier to blow things up so so they blow it up and when they blow it up everybody's, happier they get a blow something up you can't be re blown up and even if, it wasn't going to, blow up in the first pay first, place there's no proof of that and they can write down. On all, their measurements that they they disarmed a bomb which might not. Have? Been a bomb who knows if there. Was actually any explosive in it You could go to Army surplus stores and you could. Buy an empty grenade I've seen a million of these and they're just hollow because it's just it's. Just a hunk lead So if you could get the innards perhaps you could make your own grenade So if you found a grenade what would you do Yeah you have, to play with it I don't see these guys are. Stupid I just see them. As, well you know what guys do My. Right three zero three. Seven one three eight two five. Five seven one three talk You've, done this, haven't you Have you ever? Seen the Little office prop It. Says complete department. Take a number the number one is strapped onto the pin of a grenade It's it's good stuff Oh and just to. Get? Us off started right Do you know. What Snapchat is no you're too old to note Snapchat is your kid or your grandkid knows what Snapchat is and, you take pictures and. Snapchat have what are called I think called filters and so you take a picture of, yourself or your take a picture of somebody else and you can make them have bug eyes or you can have them have flowers coming out of their. Hair or, make, their, face look like a fish you. Know, it's it's it's a fun thing to do Let's see how about this one A new. Phenomenon called. Snap. Chat Dismore FIA that's right snap Trat Dismore FIA is driving people to seek plastic surgery based on what they. Look like. With Snapchat filters according To writings of three dermatologists from the Boston University school of medicine and increasing number, of patients are seeking out, snap chat inspired plastic surgery quote Snapchat Dismore. Fiesta as. Patients, seeking out cosmetic surgery to look like the filtered versions of themselves with fuller lips bigger eyes than our. Noses This is an alarming trend because those filtered sell fees are often present often present an unattainable look and are blurring the lines, of reality and, fantasy, for, these patients in the past patients seeking plastic surgery surgery that is heavily relied on the looks of celebrities for inspiration not photo filters Yup So either we we ban Snapchat or or.

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