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To come to consensus source of doesn't really help us my I can't believe what a bunch of nerds we are we're looking up money laundering at dictionary we're talking literally laundering money and China banks are cleaning their cash to prevent the spread of code nineteen ultraviolet light or high temperatures are used to disinfect renminbi bank notes the Chinese currency then they actually store the cash for up to two weeks before putting it back into circulation for some cities even that's not enough China's central bank in Guang Jo announced that it would destroy bank notes that come from hospitals farmers markets and buses that might be an over abundance of caution says Emily Martin she's an epidemiologist at the university of Michigan so there is very little evidence that viruses particularly respiratory viruses will survive on services and I'm bills in a way that allows them to go on and in fact additional people you may be able to detect the DNA or the are any of these viruses on surfaces and on bills buffer coronaviruses is just not a lot of data that suggests that that virus that you're picking up on a service or or perhaps on a bill would actually have the capacity to infect somebody else now there's no doubt about this bank notes are kind of gross they do pick up all sorts of bacteria the study of dollar bills in New York turned up almost four hundred different types of microbes you know we've got a bacteria viruses all around us like on all of our service and so if you look for it you're going to find it you know as you look for the DNA and RNA for these passages anywhere near environment you're gonna find stocks a sobering thought still Martin says before you decide to go fully cashless keep this in mind about the new coronavirus it really appears that most of the transmission that's happening is not through direct contact but it's through people breathing and sort of droplets that have virus in the air as always fax matter and every thirty.

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