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Think as many as four. I don't I think the scenes get let down before Championship games a lot. They lost to the Rams and obviously one the other went to the Super Bowl. I don't remember another state championship game. I think they lost to the Bears. No. Six when it was the lovey Smith. Rex Grossman here. I think that was the third. Okay? But not a lot. Not a lot. Standing by their headlines this morning. Is Andrew. Bogus. Mr Bogue's Good morning. D A good morning again. Jet fans got a little worried when Niners defensive coordinator Robert Saleh left his second review with the club and met with the Eagles later that night, But the Jets got their man last night with cell agreeing in principle to a reported five year deal. He was one of nine men to interview for that job, with five other team showing interest in him. That higher came on the heels of the Jaguars finalizing their marriage with urban Meyer. Scott Linnehan is the apparent frontrunner to be Jacksonville's offensive coordinator, and Meyer has reportedly reached out to Ricky Morris about running his defense and the Falcons have reportedly offered their job, their head coaching jobs and Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. He was supposed to have a second review with the Lions today. Now, some of you might have heard earlier this morning that the Seahawks need a new offensive courted after dumping Brian Schottenheimer and that Russell Wilson wants to be involved in finding the replacement. It's vital. It's pretty critical. Um, you know, super significant that you know, obviously, that You know what part of that process and coach coach? Not definitely talking about John, too, as well. And you know, we've We've had some super. Uh Long commerce dialogue. Great dialogue about the thought crosses who we want. Come the idea kind of leader that thought crosses, innovator and all that kind of different stuff that you that you are You all right? So where did this what type of game to see how diarrhea This is an hour long. Zoom press conference yesterday. I think there were nine questions, asking that out because he talks and talks and talks and he constantly like resets his thought. Because you need to squeeze in another cool word. It goes from great to fantastic toe. Awesome. There's a lot of vibes in there. You know what I mean? And at the end, he goes. I hope that answers your question because he just rambled for eight minutes, and he's lost, complete track of where he began. He's crazy. Russell Wilson. Really, He really likes to hear himself talk when? Yeah. When he did the Ted talk for neutrality, thinking that you always have to be unemotional and neutral. You just heard of talk and talk and talk and talk. He really fancies himself as some type of great oratory in and realistically. He says things like diarrhea poop limited unlimited words. You know who he must have been, and we've all been in those classrooms. He's the kid with two minutes left on the clock before class lets out. That's gotta ask the 10 minute question. Then that has to be answered. Filibuster filibuster, and you basically had 1 ft. On the desk. You're hanging out to run out the class like I would be. And the next you know you're in a class from production 20 minutes cause he is the meaning was questioned forever. It's a little Kyrie ish. Now, Kyrie is more self destructive. Kyrie is far more unpredictable. Kyrie is really in his own little world. But you know, Kyrie answers a question. Really likes to hear Kyrie speak, and so he just keeps going and going and trying to We've some type of great insight into the world into every one of his answers, and Russell Wilson a little bit like it. And once Kyra has done, you're like, what did that even mean? I'm now more confused, and Russell Wilson's a little bit like that. They really like to hear themselves speak. Wilson's farm or Grounded, but I mean, it's that's why would he did the Mr Unlimited thing? It's like Is this a joke? Are you serious? Do you think this is funny? Do you realize how corny it is? He's on his own planet as well. I guess the air is probably on her own planet as well. No, I mean, look, this is Mr Limited and somebody's hung out with both of them. Obviously, cr is we've rubbed out. Don't worry. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, some of us playing celebrity soccer games today, some of us on with CR and Russell Wilson. Editors. Princes house, right Editor's note. I played an immediate room. You went to Princes freaking mansion. What do they call that Prince Land Place? Paisley Place deal. I only use the bathroom. You went you to put your phone in a basket, and he did shots of Sierra and Russell Wilson and Justin Timberlake. We won't know. Just might center. No. Justin looked over. There was Amani Toomer and Tiki who were with us was you know me? So who's Who event? What are you gonna do? You're walking around, people were making s'mores inside. I still think that was the most amazing part. Well, lights a fire inside. Where? The ceilings with that with a fireplace? Yeah, because Prince wasn't a fire pit. Or was it just a fireplace? No, No, it was a fire pit. Listen, Prince, obviously with the money he had. He has a recording studio that you would think just looks like the study with whatever it is, but it looks like Hammerstein Ballroom like it's an unbelievable mansion. So the ceilings are very high and his people with bonfires making s'mores peanut butter. Small wars graham crackers. Small is chocolate smaller. There was somebody s'mores. I couldn't get enough. How is Russell Wilson S'more? Russell Wilson went plain s'more. I'm serious. That's where we started. We migrate over to the bar. It was you know who never went over by the small table. Typical T o too good to have a s'more. Yeah, Of course he is. He hasn't a carb since 2007 to good put a graham cracker and marshmallow to get its CEO. I lighten up. Have a good day coming with me to lighten up. That's a good way to put it. Lighten up. I'm a freaking s'more Make a bet with a 10 year old kid already have fun with your dessert. The same night D A wants a third eye blind at some bar. Yeah, That's what Graham cracker That's what Bush Mill. Uh, that's a boy's room. It's a force moving. Hey, folks, Uh oh. There's no more sports news Oh playoff action this weekend. Aaron Donald this store ribs, not even on the Rams. Final injury..

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