Newton, Boston, Hurricane Dorian discussed on WBZ Morning News


Between four ninety five and route sixteen west Newton that's over an hour drive there Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the three the news eight is sponsored by Boston interiors upholstery sale ends this weather forecast is simply spectacular today here in Boston where it's sixty two degrees right now and into the mid seventies starting to see some clouds though especially south of the city these are clouds from hurricane Dorian which is still turning off the Carolina coast line this morning it's headed in our direction tomorrow and to the Cape and islands portions of the Cape and islands now under a tropical storm watch we are expected to get hit with a side swipe blow tomorrow night into early Saturday morning and then it's gone finally right now sixty two in Boston it is eight oh five here something to start your day a man who is we have had on WBZ newsradio several times during his journey across the country has now made it back home William Shuttleworth the seventy one year old Air Force veteran from Newbury port has finished his cross country walk Newbury port to California in support of the nation's veterans today in about two hours he will be greeted at Newbury port city hall with a big welcome home ceremony presumably Shuttleworth will walk. to city hall WBZ WBZ will be driving there you raised almost sixty grand for veterans nice job William it's eight oh six now up at Adam kids. the summer. first day of classes for Boston school students now under way check in with WBZ's James Ross he's going back to school today and joins us now live good morning.

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