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Are secure as they've ever been. And we can make sure that we invest ports of entry. So this shaver made security, but but I believe that it is time progressed. Ten to eleven million undocumented immigrants here the democratic led house Tuesday voted to end Trump's declaration. But the president says he'll veto any effort to stop his plan in northern California. At least one person is dead and flooding in Humboldt county further south in sonoma's county, water levels are still high and thousands of people are under mandatory evacuation orders along the Russian river from member station. K Q E D Danielle Benton has more that's floodwaters slowly recede. Officials say Friday afternoon is the earliest cinema county residents can expect to return to their homes. An estimated twenty six hundred properties have been affected county. Supervisor David rabbit says this emergency following on the heels of the wine country wildfires year and a half ago is taking a big toll the county is still reeling from the wildfires in terms of resources that we did a back of the napkin estimate on this particular event, and thus far is about twenty five million dollars. A state emergency has been declared which will make additional funds available for recovery on. Unfortunately, more storms are on the horizon for NPR news. I'm Daniel Vinton, incidentally, county and world financial markets. Asian markets higher by the closing bell. The Nikkei up just over one percent. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong up just over a half percent. You're listening to NPR news from Washington. The Afghan government claims to have repelled a Taliban attack on a military base in Helmand province this morning. NPR's Abdul sitar has more from his Lama Bod of land. Gummer sources story NPR that Ford off the taxpayers have been killed while the forces are choosing the other six, however, the Taliban spokesman's abuellah's strongly defeated that claim saying several militants have engaged. American troops killing tens of people present via the attack comes a day after us special representatives. Zahed described the Doha talks which started on Monday as productive talks are scheduled to restart on Saturday after a two-day break Abusir. Todd NPR news Islamabad, then as Whelan's ambassador to the United Nations. Samuel Moncada Kosta says the US is using humanitarian aid shipments sent to the Colombian border to disguise an attempt to overthrow the government of President Nicolas Maduro, and he says reports of Venezuelan defectors forming a Liberation Army and Columbia are entirely made up. Check it for yourself. They are planning a clandestine operations against right now at the same time. There have talked about humanitarian efforts at the same time. They are stealing our money. This after two opposing resolutions were rejected by the UN Security Council on Thursday. Crude oil futures are trading higher at this hour of about about a half percent at fifty seven dollars forty nine cents a barrel. I'm gene herbs. NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the pew charitable trusts, celebrating seventy years of serving the public. Learn more at pewtrusts dot org slash seventy and the Kresge foundation. Ed, Kresge dot org..

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