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Speaker Kirk Cox says he's reluctant to impeach governor. Northbound obviously Jeff consider that to some degree. You're trying to watch northern saying he is not either man in the picture one in black face another in a clansman Andy Field. ABC news Richmond. Virginia an explosion near in Albuquerque. Strip mall has left one person dead. The surrounding area has been evacuated. State police are now investigating the cause of that blast. You're listening to ABC news. News Radio six ten WTVN. Alison, Wyant governor Mike dewine ordered that flags at the Ohio State house be lowered to half staff in honor of a sheriff's deputy who was killed in Clermont county over the weekend. Detective Bill brewer was where sponsoring to a call of a barricaded suicidal suspect when he was shot and killed given the gravity of the crime this alleged here the risk that he poses to the public. His prior criminal. History course gonna set bond in the amount of ten million police say the Twenty-three-year-old Wade Edward win barricaded himself in his apartment, and it was threatening to kill himself when he ambushed to the officer Lynn has a list of arrests for possession of marijuana last year. He was convicted of mishandling a firearm vehicle a misdemeanor for which he was currently on probation. His attorney j Clarke says he has a history of mental health problems ABC's engineer Levy Columbus. Police began testing the new shop spotter system in the hilltop neighborhood today. The program uses microphones designed to pick up on the sounds of gunshots. And then use his GPS to send officers to that location. Even if no one calls nine one one to report the gunfire. Still police are urging you to always call nine one one. If you hear gunshots. Columbus mayor Andrew ginther announced he would be filing as petition with the Franklin county board of elections today. As part of the first step in the process of appearing on the may seventh valid Columbus state political science professor Jonathan Krieger says sitting mayors are tough to beat. They have an organization in place not only for campaign contributions. But volunteers get out the vote they haven't established kind of structure to support their reelection. And if you're a challenger, those are difficult things to get up and running in General Motors started laying off a fifth four thousand salaried workers today. The auto giant claims it was trying to free up six billion dollars annually. So we can invest that money into a new generation of vehicles, including. Electric and self driving cars, they also want to develop a ride hailing service and with Valentine's Day just ten days away. The amount we spend on the holiday is rising. But the number of those planning to celebrate is shrinking according to the national retail federation Americans plan to spend an average of one hundred and sixty one dollars and ninety six cents on their loved ones. That's up from last year. However, only fifty one percent of Americans say they plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year that is down from fifty five percent last year. I'm Allison Wyatt. Your ABC six first warning weather forecast in sixty seconds. Guests.

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