Arana, Mitch Mcconnell, Syria discussed on Today, Explained


Thrown the region into further chaos Arana's licking their job and if I'm an Isis fighter I've got a second lease on life and you even got Mitch McConnell get out of Syria so even back in December air to one and trump spoke airline was like hey I want to take over that part of Syria and trump was like all right we're all out and I don't blame the Syrian Kurds again who've just been fighting with US troops to defeat isis for so long to kind of go like why are you packing up and leaving and if you're going to get any the US has Helped retake one hundred percent of the Isis Caliph at that took over Iraq and Syria Isis still around you know there are thou- about eleven thousand they'd be moved right and you could imagine that those eleven thousand Isis fighters escape perhaps joined the ranks again and start unleashing chaos in the region there's just so much danger here people are worried you know why is everyone freaking out about fifty or so troops but it does seem that those troops served as a trip wire after Alex I spoke Tuesday morning Turkey announced it would continue with its military operation and in northeastern Syria in what looks like a direct response to President trump the vice president of Turkey said the country would not be quote controlled by threats the Associated Press reported today that Turkey is amassing troops armored cars and tanks along its border with Syria if you're occurred chances are you're feeling betrayed by the United States right now and it might feel like Deja Vu Sean Ramos firm that's a minute onto day explained.

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