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The website to watch for developments east west accord dot com i welcome seve back from his traveling for several weeks while i of compiled a list of matters that have built up over the matter of the new cold war steve welcome back quickly withheld headlines uh there is a new arctic deal this time it's a liquid knack natural gas a facility just open it's called the yamal lng facility uh vladimir putin hails said as a development because the twenty seven billion dollar enterprise it's started shipping liquefied natural gas to the asian market how did they do this with sanctions one of the companies involved in natural gas is under us sanction pal a p a own novacek barred by the us from raising us dollar financing for the project in 2014 by very carefully they apply to to chinese state banks part of the chinese investment into large russian projects so the russians and the chinese working comfortably now to establish a liquefied natural gas energy source for china in this century also we have the foreign minister mr lavrov calling mr tillerson i think four or five days passed to tell the secretary state that the kim regime is ready to negotiate that's right you are that correctly the kim regime that has been a sore point for the trump administration since inauguration is now tell leading the russians that they're ready to sit down in a but i a twoway conversation with the us in addition mr putin has made a remark in these last hours that he sees no problem with by cheryl assad running for reelection in syria and at this point we don't see that the president of the united states is a problem with that as well so russia doing very well in the syrian conflict in the korean conflict in the conflict with the united states over raising money are that ukraine is the subs a is the a theme there because of the sanctions proceed from the frozen conflict of ukraine and then i mention one more thing steve while you were away friday december eighth happen a day in which the.

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