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An effort to help us address the hunger in the region and also to help us build a cold storage room storage spaces. And ultimately, these improvements will also help allow the food bank to serve more residents that are in need. And the grant is significant. This funny for our local division ended up with a finding of $140,000 for this project. In partnership with the city of L grow the food bank and rebuild together sacramental. Of course, support is always needed. But now it's especially welcome back. This pandemic has really put us in a situation where those that were need or probably, even in a bigger need being able to address the hunger. Being able to provide credible program that can help provide food assist in being able to maintain this food to be able to distribute it out to those that are in dire need. This is really whether he's benefits are coming in rebuilding together. Sacramento also brings volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low income home in owner homeowners and help seniors and the disabled live safely in their homes. We believe they're doing this type of stuff here shows through our operations are people. The work that would do with a great partners, along with the reveal together Sacramento So I think it's a really, really good thing for the community. And again. That's Tony Perez. He's the GM of Republic services in our area. You could hear more from Tony and learn more at kpk dot com. Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. Well, coming up will go in depth on the California auditor's report, uncovering big problems with the California homeless Counsel that and more on news, 93.1 cave became live everywhere on the I Heart radio app. There's something to say. Thanks for getting a chance for people. The voice there's off on your smartphone dial.

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