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James are going to cap themselves out chasing talent they're not going to hold a 20milliondollar spot for lebrun in february they're going to convince him to come now or in the summer if he's going to move where do you think he ends up los angeles with the lakers now you live here people are going to say that that by the way that's not good for you there arrival right is season tickets be great for la have mere so i just think it's a it's a cool place for him to end his career i don't think he has to chase trophies or rings to validate his greatness and i think nobody's getting over golden state in the immediate future so partier thing is instead of taking a year off take a year to turn the lakers into relevance again maybe you're not gonna win it but you're going to be in the conversation the way that he all of a sudden took cleveland right to the finals with the worst team in the league the lakers have enough young the way cleveland had enough proven young players will abroad kid man and immediately bring them into the conversation rack up all his numbers for the year and then do it again the following year with more talent coming on and then there in the championship run and if he does that here he set f not that he's not set forever already but his legacy and his greatness is just firmly concrete at forever the you know i was watching the lakers last night i never bought into this lonzo ball was a bust i don't i always kind of have a rule to be a superstar in the nba either have to be absurdly dynamic like westbrook outlook braun yet either be unbelievably physically dynamic all you have to be a little bit of a freak wilt durant's a sevenfooter who can shoot magic johnson to six ten point guard i don't think he has the athletic ability or the physical freakish nest ever be a superstar in this league but i never thought he was a bust we're watching him now he's interesting last fifteen twenty games pretty interesting what's your.

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