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Do a five way a man college basketball nights is that Americans up against Tulsa coverage begins at six thirty five Xavier and Seton hall in big east play tonight at eight fifty five KRC I know what I'm doing after I get done with the cake I'm watching watching the game watch the news Jake for all the quarterback for the Georgia dogs leave in turning pro so now the wind now who with the bangles take her Jake to a hole or big Joe one guy does it eight one guy has only one leg well and from a lot of times as trouble determining what team he actually plays for also was speaking of football like cans MPC longtime bangles assistant now the quarterback coach of the Washington Redskins there you go so god damn exciting news for and Audrey Smith is in the playoffs signed by the Baltimore Ravens you know what else is on that team so much all Paco that's right yeah a couple it's back but that they must be desperate their sign at Audrey Smith I I'm not mac I could block the doorway when he was here that's not bad I could might be a cut I say that one I mean that guy I mean getting it cuts from you you get you we got way too many good cuts from your since December not think about this dude was here for different time they can yeah we're gonna back in yeah I'm gonna back yeah Eddie geek code he blocked about as well when he left tears when he first got here which was not well so let's see next year can brew in front of big Joe burrow number nine yeah you're going to have this center Trey Hopkins correct he's got a great deal contractor Jonah Williams is back odds yeah and and what what else do they have on that line Bobby Williams there during Dutch to him so I don't know yeah yeah and and they'll have what they may have Billy price but I Billy price all the way on on air I think that's a with so I don't know so they're gonna have to their assigned a kid from Spring Valley they only play for the patriots number sixty two I watched a lot this year either gonna player either draft well or spend some dough you got to spend go only so many taught you know I look at it this.

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