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1128 Traffic in weather on the 8s and Joe Conway's in the WTO traffic center John and Virginia we are in good shape at last report on the capitol beltway I don't have any incidents or accidents or anything to slow you down right now on this New Year's Eve Friday We are riding well on the 95 corridor between Fredericksburg and Springfield same goes for three 95 between the Springfield interchange and the Potomac river the easy pass lanes are currently running southbound On route 28 Prince William county air crash was reported between two 34 the Prince William Parkway and Linton hall road police should be there handling the traffic direction Beltway in Maryland a quiet ride no reported problems on the two 70 corridor 95 good between the two beltways beto slow down found in camera northbound on the Baltimore Parkway near powder mill road no incidents reported there maybe some police activity slowing you down a bit Had a crash in Montgomery county on one O 8 at the Howard county line near the river and Tucker you were under police direction northbound and southbound there in prince George's county brandy wine your crashes southbound as you leave sarath road heading to a birch hill Listeners telling us you're staying to the far left to get by lots of activity there are lots of a slowdown there Norton though not affected If you're driving in the district you should find things moving well on the highways no current problems reported between the Potomac and anacostia rivers on three 95 and 6 95 I'm Djokovic traffic Your forecast now with storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson As we close out 2021 our area will be in a transition zone.

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