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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Barbara Klein Turkey's defense minister says his country's forces have captured a key Syrian border town but a Syrian monitoring group object saying the fight continues NPR's Daniel Estrin reports from near the Iraq Syria border Turkey says the strategic Syrian town of Russell lane has been quote brought under control but the Syrian observatory for human rights a monitoring group said the town has not yet been fully captured in fighting there continues Kurdish forces also denied the town was captured Turkey says it wants to take control of the area from Syrian Kurdish forces they see as a threat the United Nations says some hundred thousand Syrian civilians have fled the fighting meanwhile US officials confirmed to NPR the Turkish artillery hit near an American position along the border in Syria Turkey says it was responding to a fire in the area Daniel Estrin NPR news near the Iraq Syrian border voters in Louisiana are casting ballots for governor today it's a primary election the democratic incumbent John bell Edwards could end the race early with a strong showing Paul Brown of member station W. R. K. F. reports the GOP is mounting an offensive to force Edwards into a runoff next month Louisiana has what's called a jungle primary it picks all candidates against each other in the first round of voting the top two regardless of party will meet a runoff election next month if no one earns fifty percent plus one vote recent polls show Edwards within striking distance of crossing that threshold and winning the second term if he doesn't he would be much more vulnerable in a one on one contest with either of the Republican challengers in the race congressman Ralph Abraham and businessman any responding president trump has endorsed either candidate but he traveled to the state Friday to urge conservative voters to unseat Edwards the only democratic governor in the Deep South for NPR news I'm Paul Braun in baton Rouge Boeing C. E. O. Dennis Mullen Berg is being stripped of his role as company chairman and peers David Schaper reports Boeing's board is separating the company's top two roles Boeing is.

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