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University tennessee and win football games and graduate our players that's my responsibility i take that very seriously but also i love our kids and i'm going to protect our players and i'm gonna put tucked our program in sometimes the negativity is overwhelming and it's everyone's is volvo fans how do we let opponents uses in recruiting process with fake news in some times again we have to check ourselves what are we here for what's our values and principles that guide our life every single day and i appreciate everyone in this room you guys have a job to do and i'm respectful of that in i'm a friends with a lot of you guys in a room in appreciate it but also there comes a certain time were enough is enough so thank you you guys have a great day i look forward to seeing you on wednesday go walls i'll tell you what i know he was trying to say to protect this goods but that comes off as so i'm being very thin skinned in the big boy world a college football and butch jones a like you boss but that should have been something that you should have kept in your back pocket it's finally got until uh and walls fans in the media there remember what it was like before he got there because it was beyond a dumpster fire i mean that was a joke a program and he is he's done something that only two sec teams have done now at three years that's winning nine games a year wing ballgames be careful what you wish for 'cause i think he's an underrated coach i really do value finally the the the the negative he's finally got until reading presented by progressive insurance so now what with this in a photo unity this is the sb toll like a tree i stand luscious green above.

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