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Bruins name was attached. All who've films and I said no, no, no man. This is epic is an epic Tale of Resurrection Got All this action. It's got a lot of humor. It's got a lot of social satire in it, but underneath it all a great, great, great, great tale, powerful tale of non ephemeral nature of the soul. They could take anything away. You know they can crucify issued off my hands. Somebody forget that image. But they cannot take the soul. No, no amount of science or violence can take away the soul. Absolutely, that was great. I mean I. Know You had to do if you work with a mime and you've got the movements down mechanical. Teams. And not only that you had to work within the framework of Robbo teen suit I. Mean it was just I, mean it was? A challenging part for you, but you really made that work really well very challenging. Teen Gifted Guy. The guy applied to make up all you know Phil. Tippett to this stop motion. What a gift is oh. Yeah, he's Great. He's great. He's been one of my guests. He's a great guy. What did you do? Is You doing CGI I now? Company's doing CGI and he's actually doing some directing as well so. A lot of. Stop, motion the grandees of stop motion animation are over. They are gone. Unfortunately, they really are gone. It's a shame. This guy's actually kind of got a little bit more for me to the front of the class. As far as my favorite characters, you played chuck Taggart and Odyssey Five. Yeah, and I'll tell you why that was. Because I think Manny Coto said during the commentary of the other the pond, the pilot. It was just like you just. Hooked into this guy and it was just like a fusion of the actor and the character, and it just became something really special, and there was just there was nobody that could tell you who chuck Taggart was like right from the jump. He knew this guy was. I really love doing that show. And directed three of the whole thing. was about that. You go back in time. You know you're conscious. Goes back in time and do a body that even have it at five years previously. So while you're trying to save the world, you are also hey, why don't I fix my life? I know what's going to happen, and then there's soon as you start. Don't pebbles into the lake. You know the ripple start going different direction, wondering amazing, sophisticated far-out show that was at a ball. Yeah, that was great and actually. I think it was one of the episodes directed. Where after your wife dies on the show and you take your car and you go out and you pick up a young girl. And I one of my favorite episodes and I pick her up Donna. Yes, yes, yeah, yeah, pick up! My wife is a young girl exactly exactly. Right during the middle of it when when you guys are having some dialogue in the car and you're talking. you start to see exactly what it is. It's like this is chuck kind of dealing with his loss of his wife, and remember the good things about her and what he loved about her initially, so I mean it's amazing. You could see that in this sci fi kinda show, but it was great. That was one of my favorites, and it was really it was really cool. I was just a great series and a great cast, and it was just a nice mix, and I was really I just watched them all on DVD and. I was just come out of DVD. Out. On DVD so it's definitely worth having it for people who haven't seen it. It's just the only special feature unfortunately is just both of you doing the commentary. For the pilot episode. Manny Coto but. That was great, and a lot of these loss was enterprises gain really because he did a great job moving over to produce that and you act you play the kind of character on enterprise, which is, it's still. Very very topical, even today you know the kind of person that securest. That diversity is not something that he can deal with you. Know and I thought that was an important voice to show that there are people like that, and not only in that world, but in this one very much so. Not Unlike the point of view of the guy and I played in twenty four. 'cause you know those guys get their point of view about how the world should go, and they may look to the masses like madman those a collection of. Folks out there on planet e, and some of them are in power. Who believe that that's the way to go? You know you got to like. Cut The from the chef and. Only the pearls you know are allowed to move on and. Boy! It's like Adolf Hitler's the only one of those guys you know there's like. Plenty of them I had a great time doing that. I did that is really no Mars to Leonard Nimoy. While to get on Star Trek I'm not really tell you big sci-fi Guy Yeah. I watch. There's a couple of SCIFI, movies. That I adored the day. They're still alive Oh. Yeah, it's classic. Yeah, there's a few others. But I don't I. Don't read a lot of sci-fi. You know I I read Philip Dick. A fan of him. But I'm not. Housing off never had Clark never remember. Read those guys. You know I I sort of admired. So find myself. Always talked about in the size you're on, you know I feel at a loss for words sometimes because. Sifi folks like Manny Coto. Are you know they quote the entire play of, are you? Are you know? It's. I feel I feel really like in basilica around the Great Sci. Fi. Find. Well you've played memorable characters, and and really the thing that you do. Is You bring a humanism to them? And that's really the can do, but that's really. That's what makes a memorable. Tell anybody, but a lot of time. sci-fi is really about the human condition, but people don't talk about that. You know it really is yes. Surrounded by a lot of sometimes pretty light bulbs and things, but essentially when you strip it all down, that's it's really trying to understand ourselves. Yeah I mean look, do androids dream electric shape is really confessions of NAT. Turner Yeah Yeah. William Styron's. Five people I mean you do? You do the Math I. Mean Five robots escape from some colony, outer space or coming back to try to find. It created them why 'cause they WANNA live. Yeah, but what are they really for freedom? They're really looking to be free. Nat Turner escapes with five slaves of the plantation. I think South Carolina is starts cutting a swath of. Murder toward the north, and you know the eighteen thirties. Nobody understood what this eighty four days. Why would he want to leave? You know never thinking. This guy wanted freedom, human condition and SCI FI as prevalent everywhere. Open the book anything over the Moon. You're gonNA find some sort of powerful correlation to or modern parallel. Antiquated parallel to human freedom. Has Great to relive that you know you get lucky with some people and I really was. 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