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So there was a discussion had on the governor that well, then they they they make some sort of a ruling, and there was never a vote taken. Never go. Well. Yeah, but the consensus was Whoa. Hold it. There is no consensus. You can go well, We're doing this based on kids. No, it's gotta be voting and if it was done with such conviction over the priority, the health and safety of the students Then I want to know I want the president's all to say yes, I voted to cancel because I prioritized the health and safety of my son. Nobody's doing it. Nobody has any clue. If that's the case, then if he's going to be a coward than the presidents and chancellors of these universities need to stop being cowards and pony up and say, You know what? We didn't want to do it? We didn't I didn't want to do it. We know Iowa. Nebraska apparently wanted Teo. What about the rest? What's worse? Getting the schedule and then being told it's not happening or just not getting the schedule and then getting casual on watching it being ripped away from you, even though it included Michigan in October, which would have been the first time in history, I think didn't matter. First time in a long time. Long time. Yeah, I Yeah, I'm not sure. I'm not a historian with that, but I know it was. Everybody was up in arms at first. Michigan could possibly be playing at the beginning of the scene. What if we told you that now? Well, Michigan is going to be the very first game for the Buckeyes, but the Big Ten's goingto happen Now People be like, okay, I'm cool with it right. It's all perspective. Now I've heard this. I've seen it. A lot of social media people having the conversation. Why did they give us the schedule? That's crap. Why did they do that? It looked like it was going to move forward. Which even that's more to your point. There wasn't a vote taken. How is Kevin able to just be just do this without you would think there would be people gone whole Hey, wait a second. You got we have to vote on this. You correct? So what? I wonder what's stopping them? Nobody configure this guy have compromising pictures on all of them, You know, so they just let him do that. It makes no sense and I don't understand. To dismiss it just to kind of like again. You come at me with an argument and you sit me down and you say, Josh Here's X. Why Z Thus our conclusion, OK? I don't agree with your conclusion, but at least see how you got to it. You just do this little thing where it's like you just you know that motion, like kind of you take your fingers and oh, no sorry here. No, go away by. That's what he did to the whole world wanting to know answers, just like we're just not going to do it by CIA, right? Also on the heels of the 300,000 almost 300,000 signatures that Justin Fields ended up gathering. That's that's interesting, too, that that happened and now Um, yeah, or not? It doesn't. It doesn't matter. It's not playing in at all at this point, not not even close, not playing in it all. Um All right. So Kamala Harris except the the Vice President nomination last night. Did you happen to see any of her? Did you happen to see any of the speech last night? I mean, I felt like she got a little risque at one point toward the very end of the speech, and this was something that I I look, I'm just going to say I feel like it's not appropriate. What she ended up saying. Necessarily. But you tell me what you think. Here it is. You, Me and Joe Together. Let's thought with conviction. What? Let's start with hope. Let's fought with confidence in ourselves and a commitment to each other in war to the America. We know is possible. The America we love. Well, her enthusiast, She's all in clearly on this traffic and weather together from time start heating.

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