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Back and it's not just the battlefields. I'm Jeff claymore. 5 48. Twitch hunter now in the WTO P traffic center. I'd still cleaning up the crash 50 westbound as you come off the bay bridge again, it is slow now from about mid span, getting past the crash scene and you squeeze by on the right side, essentially using the exit four sandy point in the right shoulder to get around the crash, clean up. They've got the vehicles out of the roadway, but now it's just a matter of picking up the closure and then you should have all lanes open here shortly, but again, they also had to clear some debris off the roadway some fluid that got spilled there as well. Now beyond that, nothing else in your way headed toward the beltway. Last check they were still cleaning up the crash inside the beltway on 50 westbound before you get to two O two, and again, squeezing by single file through that clean up, but once you clear that, nothing else in your way headed into the district, I still volume delays on D.C. two 95 south beginning just after eastern avenue and headed down toward Pennsylvania avenue before the pace picks up and then you hit the delay on I two 95 south headed toward the works on their suitland Parkway, where you are down to a single length left getting by northbound headed north towards suitland park where you were getting by a single file to the left past that works on very slow there as well so just be aware of why I'm on both sides headed toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge interloop delays from near two ten, I looked just after telegraph road, so watch out for that. Sudden slowdown on three 95 north headed up toward edsel road, but no, nothing reported as of late, 95 south stole slow from around lorton headed down across the aquarium, maybe something along the way before you get down the lore and rode. But again, nothing else in your way as you pass the

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