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Was a guy who seems like he was willing fight anybody when he played for the Boston Red Sox, who also were implicated in that whole fiasco, But Joe Kelly seems like a guy who's willing to fight anybody. If Joe Kelly wants to walk off the mound. Tap Carlos Correa on the shoulder and say Put down the bat. I'm fighting you. Let's go fine. Fight. But when you have a guy who can run it up into the nineties, you have a tightly wound baseball, which that's always been a controversy. You're using a weapon. I don't condone weapons. The NHL. They settle it with fists. They don't use weapons. In the times that they have used weapons. There have been a harsh penalties. Go ask Marty McSorley. They don't use weapons. The act by their code. Whatever that code, maybe If we're going to settle this, and this is the beauty of sports, where some things Some things are still settled, like men. In baseball's one of the two sports where you go ahead, and you can settle it like men right then and there if you want to. But I don't know why a throne at batsman has to be the tipping point of that. I believe that what was a Bert Campaneris Penelas, who turned around and win one. The bat at the pitcher. If the pitcher if the hitter was going to throw the bat at the pitcher, what would you think then? That's out of line. It's all sort But if a pitcher throws a hitter well, I guess that's OK. That's part of the game. I'm sorry. I've never been able to get to that. There were plenty of people who even though I said Hey, my goal here is to make this completely anonymous. So so I get the truth. Because I didn't know if people were gonna vote No, just because they wanted to look good on social Media. That conversation coming up a little bit later about something completely different as well. I figured I'd make it anonymous. Overwhelmingly. Overwhelmingly. People were willing to say this is why yes, and I believe this is why? Because I hate so and so on the Houston Astros. Beat him. He always the My favorite part was a beat him in the ribs. Don't go for the head, okay? Hey, I meant to shoot around him. I didn't mean to shoot him. See, that's the way it is The other part that I loved my second favorite thing with street justice. Street Justice Wolf Rob Manford can't do it. If Rod Man free can't police them than this needs to be taken into their hands. And I understand you liking it, because what Joe Kelly does vigilante justice. We grew up with it. It's it's ingrained in our heads. Don't take bleed from anybody Don't take bleed from the bad guys Go after the bad guys you've seen Batman said you were a small kid. Brother. Vigilante justice is in there and we even know We even know That the police on the front they're always going after Batman. They're always trying to go after Batman and the good people of Gotham City. Why you going after Batman? This is a vigilante. You know why You know why they say that Because you're not really going after Batman. West Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon is perfectly fine with Batman doing. God knows what to God knows who to clean up the streets of Gotham because his own police his own police force is for up and can't even do it. But also Commissioner Gordon knows that he has to put up a front that he is going after Batman. So you don't just get a bunch of yahoos and idiots trying to go after the Joker in to face in the Riddler and everybody else. And it's the same thing here. Maybe Rob Manfred, in the back of his mind has no problem being the villain that everybody hates. Yeah, I know there's nothing really I could do. I can't can't really prove him on this. I guess that In this case, the Astros were just like when we're talking about with Batman the mob. The mob goes free and Well, if anybody gets hit, they get hit. And I have to put a harsh penalty on Joe Kelly because Joe Kelly is the type of guy who might be willing to mix it up with anybody out there. I have to have a quote unquote harsh penalty for Joe Kelly. So I don't have any goofball out there just taking aim at anybody they can because people can seriously get hurt when the power is in the wrong hands. The same thing in every move you ever watched. Growing up, Held the same. You love Boondocks states. I love the Boondocks States Watch Boondocks states. It's Irish Batman. That's all it is. Batman with guns in accents. And there's something about vigilante justice that we love. It's ingrained in our American spirit. And so when we see Joe Kelly, go out there we seek justice. We seek bloodshed. But I can't condone it. Because if you want to settle it like men Go sell it. Put your dukes up, Go after each other. Find I see it in hockey. You've seen it sometimes in Major League baseball, but it usually does start with a guy getting beaned. I just can't condone being bowls as much as I want to. I hate the Astros. You guys I really, really do. I really do. And if you could talk me into condoning being balls and condoning that type of thing, you go right on ahead and try. I just can't bring myself to do it, folks. Two wrongs. In this case don't mean a right. And while I've done this show for a while, and I did the show on Sunday nights, if you've listened, listened at all, or this is your first time I promise you on a hand, but on a stack of Bibles a mile high. This isn't a work. This isn't something to just zig left when people are going right or zig right. When people are going left. I have felt this way my entire career. There's something weird. About me being mad at you, Me winning a baseball atyou and then kind of hiding behind things as a pitcher while while the benches clear That's Weird to.

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