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You can make sure to hit us up on Facebook or Twitter at happy hour, underscore TV. So. Mr. Cheeto soon to be, I was about to some really disrespectful about him going to jail and having to jail and that call myself now I really well. I was really about to go off and attention however. So. Forty fives former attorney and one of his close friends. Good. No. On your tanto thing, they wouldn't even. I I know know I I know. know. Off-line conversation when there were there were two indictments one pled guilty and one was actually indicted of fraud and several other charges. And the question now is I'm going to try to pull it the question specifically is a multitude of things one. Gee, we think that these new indictments and guilty pleas are moving one step closer to impeachment. That's the first question. The second question is, do we think even if not impeachment it's further to a cause of action where forty five actually is criminally liable for some type of wrongdoing. And the last is let's feed in miss morosi. What's your name? What the fuck out for? Sorry, five my push. Oh, that's right. Push push right push Orosa and whether or not the the, the tapes that she has released or the tapes that she will release. If in fact they play a role in bringing him down. Does that mean we need to change our stance on whether or not she as exiled from Kanda? Let's privacy never. We're on. So one I want to start with, do we think this is going to lead to impeachment or anything going to happen? I'm going with, no. And this is why say that one again, you have people on both sides who are afraid that they're going to somehow piss off these magical, mythical voters, and it's gonna somehow affect their volt and they won't get reelected. A lot of them don't even know if they want to run off the the campaign of impeachment and we four months out. They don't even know if they wanna do that so you you're not gonna impeach somebody if you don't even know that's gonna be your party. That's going to be your campaign goal one two based on the spirit of his supporters and based on their personalities as a whole, not necessarily the individual, but the spirit of of that base impeaching that man will start in uprising that we on the other side are not prepared to fight in. We ready for that fight because the minute you tell somebody I voted for him because he ran off scam. Privilege. She kicking, he kicking people out the country. He put you on cages, and now he's gone. And now we back to square one we gotta deal with and we've been calling the police on y'all trying to get your rested and ain't working. And now he gone chits about to hit the fan and I don't think we are ready to deal with that, and I don't think the people who will impeach him know how to deal with that and makes them suckers. So I don't think nothing happen because we got some suckers who are our lawmakers are lawmakers are sucker MC. Well, I read a comment from our live chat if you are one of our subscribers and make sure you go to a patron dot com. That's happier. Underscore TV. If you're not.

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