Mike Helms, President Trump, Bristol discussed on The Final Lap Weekly - NASCAR Racing Podcast - #478 Joey Logano / Road America Preview


Impact on the sport joe gibbs a stop saying things like that are during the interviews with mike helms mustache she disappeared yeah that's true has gone we're we're doing some things here nascar i promise you you know we never even cover that we forgot there's a new nascar president while in what's funny about is obviously our listeners are in the same boat they were commenting a few weeks ago wherever having to make hilton right and just you know it kind of happened and were just now getting around a telling you about it yeah so heavy from the most asked you often anymore but i'm sure we'll find a way to work immanent tune episode at some point seventeen drivers of 140 racist kyle is now among them this is a six career when a bristol we're talking about how he and his brother really good here will now he surpasses his brother kurt freons at bristol most among alltime active mona alltime active drivers and it's the second one of the season but what men a three three wins in one week in carry that's crazy well come on the first two were pretty easy for him yeah we also one funniest search term they got somebody to our website this week two i i had to texas to you and i had to included in the show someone actually used the we you know and the backend of our website we could tell who gets they're using a search term and the phrase that we got like right after the race was quote does kyle busch have false teeth i love it idle i've ever thought of cal bush as a guy who has fake teeth or they really nice can thief i haven't really looked at them.

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