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Yet who's who's known in this country is that you know and abusive rider by the hall of fame professional oh well respected the good guy you know got got one i'm dave man for not following their their wounds of using anywhere 'em so they got their issues too and the commentator spoke about it and it was interesting work we meaning bart riders conform to the rules we have now ultimately it's gonna end up were gonna end up not out they're not they're gonna end up not having any crop at all and that's gonna be talk so there you go they have is she also we we have our own issues pixie that spectacle it's like you're giving injection of sorts of good feeling all of what it can so i i love it's a unique spectacle and at a you know it's not like i know some people a the they they i guess they think it's fashionable to you a dump on it that they're not interested in and it's a it's a bunch of hype and in the meantime the performances that you see a end up resonating an end up a you know being historic whether it was tapping their firm are perspective anything wesley's done but tapping certainly which i think as we get further away from it i think it becomes that'll bring this up with nick luck next the further we get away from its happens the you know cheap but i think the more remarkable if people are preaching i appreciating it as an a blue note i mean blue note coming back and doing the the the king stand a diamond jubilees a sweep a that you know i've seen it attempt at a few times and a i i i become a fan of that worse and so that was really the highlight for me of of saturday a the it it's a it's fun it's a lot of fun and i like you know playing they the market and juxtaposing they bookie shops versus the toll and you know china the pick off a some some witter's there some some price boosters that way i it to me it's a it's really enjoyable and and the fact that we get the play you know typically a you know those four races a day five days that's fun to it's a throwback to when we were you know after new show and played racism the you know during the course of the day day so i i there's a lot to like about it and it's also it's also johnny perfectly positioned i wrote this other day it's really perfectly positions on the on the calendar for us between you had the triple crown and the start of the summer season absolutely absolutely right i enjoyed watching you know as much as i possibly could be broadcasting yes yeah i'm ready for saratoga money for some phone some you know tell everybody whatever forward to go have fun in the sun is central not gonna be on next week fun in the sun is gonna begins saturday july thirteenth early start at saratoga it's a weekly online handicapping competition for express bet account holders an each saturday in july and august goal is the outer competitors weekly as well on a cumulative cheeto basis so we've got weekly prizes of eighty five hundred dollars a top quality weekly there's five thousand dollars and the seasonal tribes is we got if you finish in the top four seed don't try you'll earn entries in the pegasus world cup championship at the twelve thousand dollar value the top four players are gonna get into the pegasus world cup petty championship finished it will give you four grand a as a nice parting gift but son sportsbook account holders only you're gonna make it ten dollar wager why wouldn't wager on one horse in each ten.

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