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With patients what's the real scoop on each person who enters the door that we see and can relate to what about a woman is seventy six years old she's divorces five to about four years ago should back pain he went to the big hospital should a bone Meryl testis is where needles put into the bone and cells are taken out his front of myeloma myeloma is a kind of cancer and I believe Tom Brokaw the NBC news anchor recently wrote a book with his daughter about his bout with myeloma with this woman has said myeloma affecting bone she's lost about four and a half inches in height with her spine collapsed he was diagnosed after that she had standard treatment of one of the big hospitals in New York should chemotherapy should trouble tolerating chemo or immuno therapy and so she went and saw concoction person and with concoction she did blood cleaning and animals and always on an anti oxidants well I could tell you I see thousands of people with cancer and these concoctions just don't work and then she went to a super duper pooper big hospital had more systemic therapy she said more pain and she came to me because she has terrible page you said the show to the hospital had surgery on the right hip in the left hip with rods placed out of the room right or left femurs and that's how she came with terrible pain difficulty walking and I could tell you of a couple points number one could Cochran's don't work so if you know someone is taking the Animas Cox's think if you change your diet the it's going to change something it doesn't it doesn't diet change doesn't treat cancer number one concoctions remedies and ozone acupuncture vitamin C. don't treat cancer they don't they might take your money away give you know Lucien but they don't treat cancer that you want the big hospitals in Tyler to stomach therapies and joins us super duper and injured more chemo on the the the surgeons got a hold over a Napper done a right left hip but I can tell you in my experience another teaching point the most people with cancer in the bones most people not everybody but most people don't need surgery this by alarm as a disease is very very very sensitive.

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