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The first round of the playoffs it'll be determined tonight perhaps a last john taveras game is an islet or and he got the game would over overtime at a four three victory in detroit the man atop the leaderboard after three rounds of the masters is patrick radi fire to five hundred sixty seven saturday which feature to sensational backnine eagles to settle at fourteen under par wasn't as washy going up against roy was just go out and posted a good number because if so many of these guys have played some really solid golf coming into this week and you know that were were making a charge today and i just need to get myself going and make some birdies and get started dad read says he's ready for today second hitting the ball well enough so that i'm putting well enough that i just need gone play the game and not worry about everything else and just just play golf we'll or roy rookie fowler and john rommel at seven hundred sixty five in around three mcelroy is three back fowler is five off the pace rama's six behind tiger woods is tied for fortieth at plus four following an even par seventy two in his third round the mets improved to six and one they beat the nationals again this time three to two stephen matt's pitched the first five and struck out eight or he's familiar earned a five out save mets went ahead for good in the seventh when they scored twice matt harvey tonight as the mets try for the sweet the yankees defeated baltimore into threes brett gardner aaron judge in tyler austin all contributed to rb is the yanks also placing ccc bath and brandon jewelry on the dl with their respective injuries in the nba at the garden it was a one fifteen one zero to knicks loss to the milwaukee bucks beat all the team record twenty four three quarters of the nats they were out of the bulls on the road one twenty four ninety six with a bloomberg sports update i'm frank garrity i'm barry ritholtz.

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