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Expectations their praise pivots to a series of disclaimers should ball never evolve into a prolific scorer he would have to transform into a species that's nearly extinct the score last allstar who relies on vision over pyrotechnics ball isn't appears shooter nor is he the type of explosive pick and roll point guard that ascendant in today's nba admirable as balls generosity might be he carries deficiencies that although once tolerated in point guards are now often disqualifies to gain a true sense of lonzo ball skillset which you'd have to do is this stand on the court during a live mba game preferrably right under the basket envelope yourself in a three hundred sixty degree view of the action in real time and ideally avoid being struck by the twenty arms and legs were alling around you this is my experience on a sunday night in november as the lakers take on the grizzlies at staples center or at least it virtually is there's a vr headset strapped to my head it's ungodly heavy as if a second school has engulfed my first but the effect is profound even though i never move more than six inches from my position in the next vr truck parked outside the arena with this head said on i'm every bit as present on the floor as brooke lopez or mike conley turn my head to the right and luke walton is a food away barking at official james capers turn it back and marcus saul is headed my way as if i'm about to enter his sanctum inside the lane in truth the intruder on the court is lonzo ball whose eyes are like searchlights surveying the expanse watching for soto movements by opponents that might open a scene everyone exist in lawns of field of vision grisly center brandon right does he backpedals as lonzo comes off a picked by julius randle in the first quarter so do the grizzlies pair of help side defenders stunting enlarging at lonzo as he we.

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