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Steve Burns, Chump Chapo, Joaquin Guzman discussed on WCBS Programming


And west we have the potential for substantial icing. Thank you, Steve. All right. Thanks, frank. This just in to the WCBS newsroom to NYPD officers had been shot while responding to an armed robbery at a cell phone story in queens. It happened about six PM on Atlantic avenue and one hundred twenty first street in Richmond hill, we do not know the officers conditions are reports the suspect has been shot and wounded are Steve burns use on his way to the hospital. Stay with us. We'll hear from Steve just as soon as he gets there. A jury in Brooklyn is found the Mexican drug Lord, El Chapo, guilty on all ten counts. Peter Haskell with the story from Brooklyn federal court. He was ruthless ambitious. Brutal inefficient, and there we had a business as the verdict was read for US Marshall stood behind mine others door, chump Chapo showed no reaction with first. Guilty. Verdict was read many gave his wife thumbs up. US attorney Richard Donahue says this gave an inside look at a massive. Drug enterprise. It revealed that Guzman and his co conspirators were responsible for smuggling hundreds of tons of cocaine heroin methamphetamines and marijuana into the United States defense attorney Jeffrey licnen is promising an appeal. He says he did what he could. It's been an absolute honor and a pleasure and honor. I mean that the represent Joaquin Guzman because if you can't represent walking defense lawyer, you shouldn't be representing anyone Champa was facing life without parole at Brooklyn federal court, Peterhead, skull WCBS NewsRadio. Eight.

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