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What's up? Okay. So I have ten thousand dollars from a settlement. I onto a car crash in if I worry of here, and I'm not defying I decided not to buy another car because I have another car readily available for me. What should I do to this settled settlement money? Wow. Are you are you are you? Okay. Oh, yeah. The chiropractor sessions where were pretty intense book. I'm okay. So all your medical bills or needs are behind you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. There's money free and clear, and you're you're down one car, but you have another car to drive that you own. Yes. Okay. And what's your household income? I'm currently living with my grandmother. I I personally make about twenty one thousand a year. Good. My my grandmother makes about two hundred okay? And how old are you? I'm I'm trying my best to I'm nineteen by the way, I'm trying my best to invest the money to myself or somehow. Are to be more financially. Literate I started watching you about a week ago. Wow. Thank you. I'll be and what do you do for a living? Now. I'm I support. Do you wanna do when you're twenty nine when you're twenty nine? What's your goal? I wanna be a sort of systems architecture some sort of programming architect for a company good. That's a great great career field. And especially since you've shown aptitude to technology already are fourteen -nology already. You can move that Richard pretty easily good for you. And so the the good thing, I always do, and I learned to this years and years ago is I asked myself the same question, I ask you is where do I want to be in ten years or twenty years? Right. And then I have to ask myself what will have to be true. About me. That is not true today. Otherwise, I would already be one of those. Okay. Okay. You kind of the same thing. I got a friend of mine that's running the half marathon next week here in Nashville. Okay. And had shed ask yourself. Okay. What has to be true for me to be able to do that? That's not true now in Chester south that about a year ago, and she's lost forty pounds. By the way. I was one of the things that need to be true to build a run a half marathon. It's easier to not carry an extra backstreet boy with you. Running. Right. So what has to be true about Frank? That's not true now for you to ten years from now be successful as a architect and implant form engineer in the technology field. And my guess would be some certifications and some training. Would that be right? You're right. You're right. I want to detail that out by talking to a few architects. Platform architects and platform people and ask them, okay. To get hired to do to be your assistant and to be a mini me in your company, just like you or similar to you. What would I need to know? What will certifications what need to get that? I don't have now. And you don't need to get that from an article on the internet, you need to talk to actual human beings. That are doing what it is. You wanna do? Okay. And then go take those classes and spend that money on that. Okay. Okay. And that's going to be a great investment. Because those guys make to ten they make ten x what you make. Yeah. So it's worth doing. Okay. It's definitely I've got several Oman our team, and they're brilliant people, and they have an aptitude for that. And they I mean, we do a lot of technology work here a lot most of it. I don't understand. But but I pay for it. And so on. Enough to pay for it and understand how these people's brains work, and how they are able to pull these things off and so go learn from them what you need to do. And that's what you spend your money on because I can go ahead and tell you it's not a four year degree in information systems. Okay. That's not needed to do what you're talking about. You do need some search and some sort of occasions, and you do need some programming experience and some project management experience and some things along those lines, and you can get about the business of doing those things the other thing, I'd do your company, you're working for technology oriented. Okay. In a chance they would pay for any of your certifications for you to get better to help them. No. You sure. Yes. I know. Okay. Already already been down there. Good. Okay. Well, it might involve you taking technology job at a technology company that wants to pay for tuition, and then we could get a lot more bang for our buck out of your ten grand. Okay. Okay. So, you know, again, ask yourself what has to be true? What do I have to know? And do that. I don't know in do now to our otherwise I'd already be one to to be able to run this marathon to be able to be this platform architect, and so forth. And that's what I would spend your money on and stay out of debt. Frank, don't go by the student loan debt lies that you need to go into debt to do all this shift. Ten grand jump start your wise to think about it like this and your grandmother making two hundred grand is no slouch. She's obviously bright at something. So she'd be a great mentor in this process. Even though she may not know anything about technology, but she'd be a great life mentor. You probably have listened to her dome. People don't make two hundred grand very often, it's fairly unusual. So generally this woman's got some wisdom that she can bring into your pour into your life. And I'd be I'd be leaning an ear inn on that. That's puts her in the top one percent of income earners. So good question, man. Thank you for calling in hundred heavy at nineteen here on the air. I don't know if you all time listeners that have been with us for many, many moons. Have noticed the number of eighteen nineteen twenty one year old phone calls that I'm getting these days. As opposed to say five years ago or ten years ago, and it is way way up and we are very happy at Ramsey. The those that this generation actually wants to talk to. A dinosaur like me, and I can help them get moving in the right direction on some of these things we're very honored that the Franks or the world or not only listening, but that's that's because of two things just to let you guys know that what's going on. Talk radio in general is moving to a younger demographic, especially with the advent of podcasts, and our podcast has exploded. It's gone from one million listeners to almost six million listeners in about three years, it has gone bananas, and our YouTube channel is just it's I can't even measure hundreds of millions of downloads. Now, the hours it's just the Sar number of hours people are consuming on.

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