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West coast. Understand this. But. You wanna come to a program? Well, you gotta worry about two coast. Bravo. Bravo, gentlemen. Good. I just you know, I love is. So good love it. When the youngsters out there. Go back, and they recognize the old school, and they bring it to where we are today. Bravo. You know, what I gotta say Dabo, teaching them, boys? Right. What also was good? Was it Reese Davis and Chris Fowler had no idea? No clue. No clue whatsoever. And I actually felt like more of a hip or white, dude. I do exactly what they were talking about all in the video. Just don't want that. You know, what I did have gone on practice that by the way? Since you have it on DVR. You know, what you can do that? I would recommend when you're watching the the Alabama sadness is every time they picked off tag law or they sacked him or they stopped him on fourth down inside the twenty five whatever, you know, what I was saying, no senor. That's a fun little thing. Now to to to end up happy in your your sports lexicon while you're cheering against the team plays better in Spanish. Yeah. You know, we we can argue about it. You could say objectively don't play ball players better than Spanish. That's it. That's all I believe it's into constitution. The ninety eighth amendment. We are at the point now where. NFL head coaching positions are being filled. The Broncos looking at Mike monks. Check offensive line coach for the Steelers Vic Fangio obviously defensive coordinator. Currently with the bears. They are they're down to those two guys. Josh mcdaniels is going to stay with the patriots this time. He's doing it without taking a job first. And then going back to the patriots each not interviewing anymore. He stay in with the with the patriots the Packers. They've hired titans. Offensive coordinator, Matt lefleur, which believe Bob means flower in the flower and French could could be wrong about that. But the big news of the day, and it is delicious USC shot and for it in. I believe there's German as well cliff Kingsbury who got fired from Texas Tech. Right. Just recently. Let's go to class. Okay. Sure. That's what he wasn't his inability to win football games cliff Kingsbury who got fired from Texas Tech. Who's never been a coach in the National Football League as found. Inappropriately desperate franchise. And it is of course, the cardinals who just fired their one year head coach Steve Wilks on on black Monday a couple of weeks ago, easy. Settle down. Hey, man, he was a brother. So. Black Monday for him in more ways. They want more than the obvious. So clip Kingsbury gets fired from Texas Tech goes to be the offensive coordinator at USC that the head coach clay Helton stays there to be the offensive coordinator. And the thought was SC wanted to get him bring them into the fold. And so if the clay Hilton thing continues to go at its current pace, which is not good enough for SE Kingsbury will take over. And this is this is what I'm hearing Bobby you might hear different him to take over as the head coach. But definitely get Kingsbury in there and pump up that USC offense a little bit. It's very rare that USC told thanks, but no thanks cliff Kingsbury bought himself out of his USC contract. And I'm sure he's going to be reimbursed by the cardinals bought himself out of his USC contract. So USC now man, I'm good. I'm going to take this job. Yes. It is cardinals. They still qualifies professional football franchise. But the Arizona Cardinals getting clip Kingsbury who's never been in NFL coach just got fired from Texas Tech. But everybody Bob is looking for that young hot offenses binded coach, Sean McVeigh Matt Nagy Shanahan, the younger. Now, those guys had been in the league with Sean McVeigh. I mean, he's been around the league for years, obviously, be another grandson of the great John McVeigh, but bring a clip Kingsbury end and him telling USC now, I'm gonna go ahead and get out of here and take this job. It's just an interesting story on a on quite quite a few levels. I just think that down. Franchises continue to do dumb things. Desperate. It's Sean McVeigh and Kyle Shanahan while they were young look at their resumes. Okay. So all we gotta get a young offensive coordinator. You just use something really important has never been or never had NFL type experience right now. I'm not I'm not doing the, you know, hey, you you coached in college. And therefore, you can't coaching NFL. That's fine. That's fine. But the best college coach I've ever seen in my life sucked an NFL coach and Abby Nick Sabin. And that's the guy who had a lot of head coaching experience in is very very good at his job. And the NFL was too big for him. You're going to tell me you were you didn't you weren't even a winning college. Coach you go five and seven and this isn't at LSU or Ohio State or Penn State or Alabama or USC your Texas Tech. Now, you're going to jump into the NFL and be a head coach. Why here's here's where I will kind of see it from the Arizona Cardinals point of view. And I do believe that it is a it is a desperate higher by a desperate franchises. I think this is more of the NFL going into the direction of spread offensive principles the way college football doing things offensively. We saw last night is the NFL going to that. And and being okay with that being the focal point of your offense in Arizona. They've got to get something. And sooner rather than later, obviously. They would hope they've got to start to get something out of Josh Rosen and cliff Kingsbury, even though we had under five hundred seats. He got fired for Texas Tech. I don't think there's anybody outside of the Kingsbury family who thinks that that wasn't the right move to move on from him. But when he had two thing going to Texas Tech, they could slaying the ball around a sling a sling it around slinging around. Well, so I just see era Zona again, they've they're desperate. They've almost got nothing to lose. But I think this is just another NFL team. Just kind of going full bore full tilt into college. Coach would you know spread off principles? And this is what he's he's known for even if he hasn't worked in the league this try it. Yeah. That's that's the. Bruce Arians, and.

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