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Warm tomorrow will be cloudy up on. Friday looks like wet weather for the weekend. The complete AccuWeather forecast coming. Up as meteorologist. Dave Bowers in the city it's fair seventy six degrees WBZ news time is nine zero three developing news tonight investigation underway in walled lake after. A man's body is found in the water these John Hewitt sonseen. And, he. Has, the live and local lettuce Hello John. Hi Russ that discovery around three forty five this afternoon by a boater in the body has been in the water investigators believe for at least a few days we're told and while there are no. Overt signs of foul play Oakland County sheriff Mike Bouchard says they are treating. This as a crime scene out of caution what we do know is that this is not an accident So now we have. To determine under what conditions because this person ended up in the lake I. Felt potential suicide but you're leaving all avenues open to investigate Yeah I mean a suicide, by drowning in. The, form and fashion we have is unusual so we want to make sure that we cover. All the bases but, he went on to say certainly. Still possible, Russ there was a report of a missing person to walled lake police back on the weekend I believe Sunday specifically and it could be that person but, again sheriff hesitant. At this point to make that connection members. Of the Oakland County dive team continue to assist, walled lake police and fire here on site, reporting live and local, John Hewitt WWE w j NewsRadio nine fifty Arraignment today for the friend of a Detroit mother whose. Daughter drowned after falling, through a hole in a bedroom. Floor prosecutors, say eleven month old Kamanga Davis landed in standing water and sewage in the basement of a home near Finkel and the Southfield freeway on the city's west, side the mother. Twenty six year old to see a Jordan Allegedly, left her daughter, in the care of her..

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