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Which is. But there are some of the there are some who the pay to be fair. I've had the crack before Renner GP three, and you could say that about mile drivers. There's some Email drivers around that you don't have any clue about and just to pay in the same because I've got some cash behind him. So I think the fact that you don't know half these drunk drivers interested to feature many more liking who had properties in GP three water. There's a kind you have not been good enough. I'm sorry. But they haven't. And I will say the wounds to about two might be. Exactly. Okay. Well, let's think I think the ones I think we all looking forward to it would excited for because we. This world of me to all that we were on board. It's the thing. A lot is such generates income stations. But metro is bringing it into the public indifference on him to race apprentice actually to the share which I'm gonna watch because I just I'm just interested to see how. Although I think anything that spots a debate. And get people involved is going to be a good thing. And we all lecturing through the issue reporter great piece about ten hours is underway now in South America. And we put great piece on a on a on a Rolls, Royce corniche, which is so big monkey spell. What we've done is nonsense you on Rolls, Royce h. Maybe time. Dafter holding the dockyard rally in South America Tuesday. And then our because this is all this year issue as well. We. Two thousand eighteen getting pictures of Lyndon Damon. I mean, he probably this is your favorite part of the year. You can just look at these pictures for every every website, we can find or find every source and just saying look what's purchased and choosing a couple of maybe. No. But it's it's just nice to actually look back through the air realize what you might have missed or hasn't been saying is. Yes, it can. It's just a lovely retrospective. Book. And. Happy to just look amazing. It's one of the things in that mean this in a way it's been captured for what we do. Sometimes have problems breath of disciplines that most four covers. I mean, we don't just eat for me, the one that we we just a historic racing, we do everything. And and these figures really really share that up time we enjoy tracing NASCAR at one Brazilian. Stop cars GP told. Everything everything everything. So they were these pictures, I think us three months lecture. I've got a feature on an eight being reunited with its owner Anita which may or may not have appeared in the film via talion joke. We'll decipher whether that. Levi's decipher whether that that's the it actually appeared in the film enough. And Mark Hughes has interviewed Christian Horner really interesting really interesting into an really interesting to hear from from salmon they've got they've got to be in the running for next year. Well, there is there is the reserve in rewarding the back of the cow. We obviously are funded. Do you? All personally was over in the full moon. Paddock in the way used to bathe. It some personally watching from afar until he checked into the mall can monitor the papal whilst window. You know, I was in. Impressed overall with on the did in twenty thousand nine hundred second rice in the season to finish fourth. Best result. Mcclellan achieved in the previous three seasons with the same ship. Clarity drawing. The, but if you if you use the the technical prowess of red bull. And the the financial resources upon the game over Bill them as customers customer. I think potentially if become never reliability yet. But they made impress getting team Eighteen months, months. and if they if they can make a moment to say they tend to next year, but. As a potential challenge for race battery serving up be surprised if they didn't win the race previous point they Hornets. Very mischievously says about mccaren that he said that they into seventeen year we said they had the best chassis would just being held back by the engine..

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