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The Taliban is warning the US to exit Afghanistan. By that August 31st deadline one week from today, more than 37,000 people have been evacuated so far, but many are still waiting to leave. The country invited is suggesting the U. S led evacuation effort could run past the August 31st deadline. Congressman Adam Schiff, emerging from a classified briefing last night, said it appears more time will be needed, given the logistical difficulties. Of moving people to the airport and and the limited number of workarounds. It's hard for me to see that being fully complete by the end of the month, But the Taliban calls August 31st a red line and is warning of consequences if the deadline is extended. That is a BCS Andrew Dim, Bert. Nine year old has died after a two vehicle crash in Butler County. Last night. It happened around 10 o'clock on Eton Road at West Taylor School Road near Trenton. Another child and an adult were also injured in this crash, police say a van was traveling westbound when the driver ran through a stop sign and struck a truck on the passenger side. Both Children were objected from that van. There has been no update on the second child's condition. The accident remains under investigation. Cincinnati Police, meanwhile, are investigating a murder that happened in the West end. Last night. 24 year old Cornell Neil was found shot to death on Freeman Avenue around seven o'clock. No word on any suspects. If you can help police call Crime stoppers at 35 to 30 40. Reds are back in action this evening. They hold a slim lead in the NL wildcard race and head off to Milwaukee tonight to face the first place Brewers. Tyler Malley gets the start for Cincinnati. Our pregame coverage gets underway tonight at 7 10. Our next update at nine o'clock, Rick you Chino NewsRadio 700 wlw Otis, So good to finally see my bay Bridge Coast spokesperson against by you saw me every day on video calls this We've got to hit the road and Beach Bay Bridge traffic to the beach. The early bird gets the worm. I'm no early birds Spike. I'm more of a night owl. Well, staying later is another way to avoid traffic on the bridge. Businesses on the eastern Shore are thrilled to have you back, Go early and stay late. At Bay Bridge Traffic updates at the mdta on Twitter or bay bridge dot com. When you hear that hunger calling your name, then you need to get something. Gotta find yourself a buck sweaters lit up. Better cookin something good. Listen, need some fuel for my machine Ain't no halfway in between. Gotta give me something before I follow up the people then hop on their old horse of yours. And.

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