Demarco Murray, Derrick Henry, Malcolm Butler discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Certainly if they're going to and i think to give you an idea of exotic smashmouth being different demarco murray out dion lewis in and you already have derrick henry and you're adding malcolm butler to the back end of your defense do you like it out it all depends on the health of the quarterback which we'll see by by the way i had heard that that it was possible he's gonna go to michigan how about that offered a scholarship ad i didn't camp that he didn't know that it was offered scholarship kim fun stuff from all right back in sixty seconds if you like sports podcast check out podcast one sports now every tuesday podcast one sports net the yankees in folks are already fighting it out for first in the east it looks like they'll be the two teams going down the stretch backed by ap sports department jim limpkey and tim dahlberg break down the latest news events throughout the week and podcasting from all major sporting events on site throughout the year keep a close eye on lebron because pretty sure there's some heroes left in this guy checkout podcast one sports now at podcast one sports net and apple podcasts also remember to rate and review i just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to gyco i feel like a whole new person disclaimer you will not become a whole new person this is impossible you might be able to join a gym modi diet program by wardrobe get here implants dna physical form will remain the same gyco waves any and all liability if you attempt to become a new person except cyborg if you choose to become a half human half cybernetic organism with lasers for is the geico legal team would be cool with that because quote laser is pretty sweet.

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